My Unsung Hero

Yesterday, I spoke on generational curses and how I had to make a deliberate choice not to walk in the footsteps of those whose lifestyles I questioned growing up.

Today, I’m going to introduce you my unsung hero the woman behind my ‘wins.’

Mothers are God’s gifts to humanity and the anxiety of a mother often gets recorded in her prayers. Her prayers are more important than the countless meals she prepares for her brood. What a comfort it was for me to know that no matter wherever I traveled or lived, I had a praying mother.

My mother prayed for all her kids some more than others depending on whatever the challenges were at that time. No crisis was ever too weighty for her to take to God despite her personal maximum weight restriction.

My mom never drove a car, but she drove her special cargo on the wheels of prayer. She was not a flamboyant woman but her colorful prayers made us her jewels (sons and daughters) attract spouses of  godly character and integrity.

Her shoes were far from fancy as mines can sometimes be, but everywhere she walked she left huge steps that made it hard for her kids to follow. My Mom was a quiet and reserved person who didn’t have many friends but when she prayed with her few friends her voice was as powerful as the strongest earthquake ever recorded on earth.

My most painful memory of my mom was watching her take on all our mistakes and failures in life and made them her very own. It’s the kind of pain that only praying mothers can carry without showing the weight on a public stage.

Little is known of the influence of godly mothers everywhere as their frames are often hidden from the eyes of their very own children. My mother was unknown to the world but to me my world was my mother. She did a brilliant job without Google or the internet and passed every test that each child bought her way. 

I’m so happy to honor my unsung hero my mother who loved her children regardless of whatever her children threw at her. Despite these and other difficulties her faith did not end nor fade.

A praying mother is an asset to any family. Her strong unshakable faith regardless of whatever her eyes may see or her ears may hear she knows all will be well.

A praying mother knows its teamwork that makes the dream of her family works. God, mother, the child and the church makes up the team especially in the absence of a god-fearing father.

A good mother is never idle as she looks after the needs of her household making her  job appears effortless. She’s up before dawn praying for her family. Her beauty goes beyond what you can see with your natural eyes and she knows her worth.

If you have a praying mother, it’s important to thank and honor her for her prayers and godly influence in your life. The time she invested in you must not go wasted but show her the reward while she’s still here.

If you are a mother, remember the value of praying for your children outweighs anything else that your mind can conceive. 

Cheers to all our unsung heroes who fights battles that nobody else knows about.

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