Don’t Test God – Try Him

A booby trap is a bait that is set up to intentionally attract an innocent victim to either kill, or to harm them. The truth is, we are always knowingly or unknowingly in danger. It’s beyond any human being’s capability to be alert and watchful twenty-four hours every day. We can so easily become distracted and innocently walk into deadly hidden traps.

Psalms 91:3 God promises to keep you safe from ALL hidden traps. It’s unimaginable to even think about the evil that creeps around in the night, the objects that come from nowhere and fly pass us by day, and the tragedy that we can face just using the highways and in public places. But I’m thankful we can stay near to God and he will see to it that no sudden disaster will destroy you.

Not everyone is protected from hidden traps. The truth is there’s a condition – God’s protection isn’t unconditional. You must make the Lord your safe hiding place and your covering. Buying face masks, gown, gloves, hand sanitizers, or staying in the safety of your home are no guarantee that you are protected from deadly hidden traps.

Knowing that God is keeping watch over those who choose to abide with him makes your day less nerve wracking as he stands at high alert covering you. You never have to walk alone in sickness or when trouble comes your way. The Bible says because you have made the Lord your refuge there shall no evil befall you neither no sickness will come near where you live.

Yet, there are some folks who see God as smothering them as he requires that you must stay in relationship with him to partake of his protection. God acts as a covering protecting and providing a safety net for everyone who takes up residence in the secret place of the Most High. We all know how dangerous it can be to be left exposed to hidden traps.

God is a safe hiding place. Anything else leaves you expose to becoming victims of deadly diseases and evil that creeps around looking for innocent lives. Don’t allow the discomfort of being in a relationship with God cause you to run back to what God has already delivered you from many times before.

When we have God’s covering, evil cannot live in God’s presence. It’s wiped out, cancelled and has no long-term emotional damage. God’s covering is like having a lifetime insurance. If you fall prey to the hidden traps God miraculously covers you as you walk in obedience to his word.

God will use you as an example to those who doubt his abilities to keep watch over you.

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