The Village got Awfully Quiet

Gideon said to the angel in Judges 5:13 – “O my lord, if the LORD is with us, why then has all this happened to me?” This question continues to be the most rehearsed question of man’s existence on earth. So many times, have we asked God – ‘Why then has all this happened to me?’ Then the Lord answers ‘Have I not sent you.”

Relationships thrive best when there’s open communication. Our relationship with God goes the same way as we do in other relationships – communicate your feelings. When we arrive at wanting answers to life’s unanswered questions listening to the clues and cues lead to truth. A clue is anything that helps to steer you in solving a problem. And the cue prompts you to know when to act.

When God allows you to take the lead in your village it means he has full confidence that you can get the job done. Leading a family requires you to have a forgiving heart and the fortitude of a solider. The courage to stand in the frontline of a village where the arrows can come from any direction requires skill in warfare strategies.

Can you save your family if yours is the weakest clan and the least in your generation? Absolutely if God is with you. When your village is under an attack it time to step forward and take the lead in prayer. The LORD helps those who are fighting on his side. If you have found favor with God, he shows you the deep and hidden things you cannot see with your naked eyes.

Walk far away from the noise. The wisest villagers are those who understand the power behind them after spending time alone with God. Spending quiet time with God becomes your secret as you stay away from the noisome waves of uncertainty. Your mind is renewed, and your strategies are unique as you move into the frontline position.

Recount the mighty acts of the LORD. The replenishing of the oil in the cupboard. The last coin that was lost. The water turning into wine. Sing a new song of hope that will remove your shame and quiet your fears. Handpick the ones that will rebirth or rekindle the happy sounds in the village. March on in strength and build an altar there to the LORD.

If you can think it or dream it -God can do it with you. Tunnel vision sees beyond where the village ends and shines the light where you want your landmark to be setup. Villagers are born soldiers always ready for battle against any uprising in the village. They may get wounded in the fight but quickly gets back up on their feet and live to win another day.

Someone once said, “People of vision see the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, think the unthinkable, and do the impossible.”

Only be courageous and see the dream come to pass.

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