You Can Totally Do This

We measure success by numbers. When there’s a major event happening in the city it draws large crowds and there’s a buzz about town alerting everyone that something huge is about to take place. The lines draw curious onlookers and sure enough – a crowd draws a crowd.

The promoters of the event walks away holding the earnings as it’s the substantial evidence of someone’s brilliant idea. Boxing Day is another day that draws crowds as people wait long hours in lines – some just for the excitement others to grab an unforgettable deal.

From as far back as I can remember I always stood out like the insane person, the person who refuses to go along with everyone else because crowds intimidate me. I hate crowds. If you ever want me to accept an invitation never mention to me that everybody is going, or a celebrity is coming. I do not do crowds. I’m the ‘less is more’ type of person.

In decision making the majority rules. Voting the majority rules. The jury system the majority rules. If you have been a parent for a long time you may have had that one child who comes home with the greatest prepared explanation which goes like this, “But mommy everybody was doing it. Or everybody is going. Or everybody invited me.”

The one thing I don’t do is to go along with the majority. I believe that I have been gifted with a great sense of right and wrong and therefore I make my decisions without having to overthink my answer. Wrong doesn’t stop something from being wrong because the majority voted to do it.

There was a man name Gideon who had an army of 32,000 strong men ready to fight against an army of 135,000 Midianites until God thought that his army (32,000 men) was too big and he instructed Gideon to reduce his number. Unheard of in the real world of war.

Gideon’s army was reduced to three hundred men by God’s instruction. Why? Lest they claim victory believing that they won because of their own strength. You see, God will not share the victory with man. Man’s heart is desperately wicked and can’t be trusted .

We measure success by number, so it’s easy to believe that it’s our own strength that we won battles that the Lord fought for us. This was one time where size didn’t determine strength. God loves working with things that are impossible for humans so the victory would clearly be his alone.

You are not outnumbered, you are not the underdog, you are not the feeblest among them, you are not the black sheep of the family, you are not the least educated. It’s written in God’s instructions that God knows the plans he has for you. He will prosper you and give you hope and a future. Walk with God and obey him.

Don’t tell me that God cannot work with less to bring the strong and mighty down. If God is giving the orders – you are on the winning side. At the end of it the outcome is made in Heaven.

As you have been encouraged go spread the encouragement. God’s instructions are clear. Have a sense of right from wrong and do what’s right even if it’s you alone.

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