An Unusual Friday

Today is Friday and Fridays are usually my funny days. Well, today is by no means a funny day as the entire world is slowing being immobilized and panic stricken because of Coronavirus or COVID19.

So out of respect for those who may have been directly impacted I pause for and with you and your loved ones to say a prayer.

Media creates panic. Panic creates fear. Fear leaves you faithless doubting that God can effectively take care of his own. So many things we worry about in our life and the truth is, most of them never happen.

Be wise and do what’s right by following the healthcare providers precautions and all the advice given.

God is a God of communication and he enjoys hearing our concerns and anxieties:

Lord, we ask you to cover all our loved ones with your feathers and under your wings we will hide. We know from the beginning of times that we can’t count the amount of hair on our heads or the way the wind blows but we remember that you can, so we make our thoughts submit to your thoughts.

We are human and our heart many times are filled with fear, but we know that you are a promise keeper so when our hearts are overwhelmed we will run to you. We need your strength, peace, comfort and miraculous power in this very stressful and nerve-wracking pandemic. In Jesus Name, Amen

This is how God speaks to us:

‘My dear children, I will not leave you helpless. Be strong and of good courage. Have I not instructed you not to become anxious, nor be saddened, for I am with you?

My love for you is based on trust and faith in my promises to you. I can keep you safe. No evil will befall you, and no epidemic will come near to where you live.

This too will pass. I have set everything right. Keep your thoughts on Me. You will stand untouched and will not succumb to all that’s happening around you.’

Finally. I am praying that each one of us will stay under the shadow of the Almighty. Blessings multiplied to you and yours. In Jesus Name

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