There’s a Ladder

One of the greatest sorrows in life is watching someone trying to be confident in the eyes of the public only to collapse like a broken puzzle with a zillion piece behind closed doors. It’s heartbreaking to fully imagine the weight that some people carry from day to day while still trying to be strong.

Friends, life is fragile and we all must handle it with great care.

There are stages in the adult life when life gets tricky and many become trapped in depression and anxiety bought on by varied untold stories of their past. When we feel like we have failed at life, discouragement follows, and self-esteem drops low.

There are times when life forces you to camp out because the day has come to an end. You are now alone under the open heaven watching your thoughts multiply as you secretly wish it was all a bad dream spinning around in your head.

There was a man named Jacob who after being on the run for many years from swindling his brother of his inheritance fell asleep under the open heavens on his way back home to reconcile with his brother.

Jacob then has a dream where he saw angels ascending and descending a ladder that extended from earth to heaven. The Bible says, Jacob wrestled with God. As a result, he developed a hip injury from struggling with God.

How many times have we too wrestle alone in bed as God tugs at our hearts longing for us to give up the fight as He sees our lives falling apart? There’s help available and it connects Heaven and Earth through Jesus Christ. Why do some people struggle until they are injured?

Could it be our own resistance to accept God’s help that delays our walk to freedom? Satan gets more credit than he deserves. I’ve heard folks say, ‘the devil made me do it or the devil is attacking me, but I know that God will bring me through.’

Are you aware of the ladder between Heaven and Earth (God’s Son Jesus Christ) that stands ready to help you put back together the pieces of your broken puzzle/dream? God is never asleep, nor does he just sit there relaxing not wanting to be disturbed.

God wants to give you back your wings so you can fly again. The therapy for nightmares is called Jesus. It isn’t the devil! It’s God you have been wrestling with all these years and He loves you so much that your injury was God trying to get your attention.

The story ended with Jacob demanding a blessing and your story can end with you demanding your blessing. There is a ladder from Earth to Heaven.

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