The Masterpiece

No lesson in life is ever wasted.

Life comes with seasons of challenges and long delays that can diminish one’s own self-worth. Many times, you are so hard and unforgiving of letting go of your mistakes in a way that is unfair or unnecessary. When you fail- trying again always remains an option.

The ugly bits and pieces, the delays, and finding solutions will one day become a masterpiece as you start from where you are today working towards a better tomorrow. Life becomes more meaningful when you are forced to change because of challenges and delays.

When you strive for getting a perfect score on every test that life throws at you, you will always end up missing the true meaning of total dependence on God. As kids our parents demanded perfect report cards and now in our adult lives this need to obtaining perfect scores puts us all at risk.

We try so hard to get perfect scores in our lives that is next to impossible to keep up the pressure. The next challenge or delay that comes leave a little room for forgiveness, error and dependence on God allowing Him to make it into a masterpiece,

God has a way of refueling you and making you believe in yourself that there’s something inside of you that is greater than whatever you maybe facing today. It’s during those times that you learn to empathize with others who may be struggling to rise above their own challenges and long delays.

Perfection is not attainable.

When you are always striving for perfection, you will increasingly become more unhappy with life and eventually the bottom will fall out. We are all vulnerable and prone to messing up while under pressure and handling unpleasant situations.

Showing up to performances without wearing a mask or pretending to be someone who you are not makes it incredibly freeing.

Get to the place where your heart is calm, and your thoughts are positive. Your dependence on God becomes greater and you will find your place of peace in the upheaval. Change is always an option when there are challenges to face.

If God saw who you are long before you messed up and still think the world of you – it’s about time that you cut yourself some slack and see the masterpiece in progress. God doesn’t make junks. Your worth is assessed after the job is done and not while in progress.

You wouldn’t always win but when the season is over the future looks brighter. You will always be better than you were yesterday if you don’t become stagnant. It’s only through mistakes, missteps, and experiences that we learn and grow.

No one is perfect in any area of life whether it’s your body, relationships, personal growth, habits, career or whatever may be your specialty.

Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life. A day only has twenty-four hours. A good life has a minimum of three scores and ten (70 years) and if by reason of strength they can go on making you the oldest person in the world.

Let the need for perfection GO! Trust the process! The masterpiece is becoming the best you can bejust don’t become stagnant.

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