My Prayer

Lord, we pray for all religious organizations and their members, medical personnel, garbage collectors, mailmen, supermarket workers and their employers, pharmacy employees and their employers, public transport drivers, delivery drivers, and all those who are exposed directly or indirectly to COVID19.

We ask for your protection and divine coverings over them and their HOUSEHOLD that no evil will come near to them. Keep them safe under your wings. Let them not be afraid but stand confidently that You will watch over them as they help the sick.

We remember those who have suddenly become unemployed or are facing a down turn in their businesses. Give them an experience and miracles of Your divine provision that they will never forget how You bought them through these difficult times.

We pray for the overcrowded hospitals around the world. Let every traumatized heart be comforted. Let no one suffer unduly and unfairly. Send your ministering angels to heal them in their anxiety.

We remember those who lost loved ones through this deadly virus and have not been afforded closure or proper burial. Grant to them peace and comfort that You will hold their hands through their moments of grief.

Give our world leaders the wisdom to make good decisions and God-fearing laws. Forgive us for walking in open rebellion in exchange for approval and elections.

Let no one’s heart fail them for fear. We ask that at the end of this season that people will turn to You and fear you as the ONLY true and living God.

We thank You for the miracles, the signs and the wonders which You have graciously given to us despite our rebelliousness and stubbornness. We are kept alive because of Your mercy and we say ‘Thank You!’

In Jesus Christ Name,

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