Emotional Distancing

There are those days when you are exhausted from being strong all the time. If it has anything to do with feelings like happiness or anger, then consider it emotional. If there’s something you either heard or seen and it’s tugging on your heartstrings bringing out your ugly cry it’s emotional.

Yes, you are strong, and yes you have been handling everything that came your way like a professional boxer but sometimes you just need to exhale from breathing in all the toxins and distance yourself to maintain your sanity. Be assured that God hasn’t forgotten you.

As soon as you find yourself thinking negative thoughts – stop and click delete – it usually acts as a great resetting action. When you are alone, watch your thoughts. When you are angry, watch your thoughts. Sometimes we hurt others while we are hurting – apologise and move right along. Moving on shouldn’t take a year – it’s not the end of your life.

Don’t forget on your best day you need God as desperately as you do on your worst day. When God have first place and you take second place the devil will have no place. So, take a time out by doing some emotional distancing it interrupts discouragement.

Leaving the ‘only God can do this’  in God’s hands offers you a rest as you partner together with God. When you begin to think that maybe God needs you to figure out how things should work out – you begin to worry, have anxiety attacks, lose your peace and joy.

Trusting God means you are giving up feelings and emotions and with simple childlike faith you are now entering into your resting period.

I’ve found that when I redirect my feelings, I come out stronger than if I allow them to create anxiety and steal my sanity. Our emotions are not always accurate and so we must manage them wisely. No matter what pain you’ve been through, note well that the tears will dry, your broken heart will heal, and you will come out not looking like anything you’ve been through.

Everyday as the sun rises and your eyes are opened make a conscious decision to let go of anything that you have no control over like the weather, the COVID19 news, your adult children’s choices, your neighbor’s behavior, and your in-laws.

Realize from the break of day that the only person you really have control over is you. Distance yourself from anything that will emotionally drain the real you.

I love Jesus’ thoughts about us when He said that He doesn’t ask God to take us out of the world, but to keep us safe from the evil around us. We are not defined by the world but by the truth of God’s Word. We are on a mission so do everything to stay pure, and experience God’s joy. God always does things right. He knows your ability to walk through storms without looking shipwrecked.

Raise your standards and know that this too will pass. It may pain but it will pass.

Monday …. Here we go! Let’s make it a great week. Spend time uncluttering your mind.

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