Plot Twist

A plot twist introduces a drastic change when it happens near the end of a story, it is known as a twist or surprise ending. Life is about choices – some we regret, some we’re proud of, and some we will simply have to accept the outcome.

Bottom line is … we are what we chose to be.

It takes tremendous strength and willpower to allow your kids to suffer the consequences of their decisions.

Samuel was a miracle child. His mother Hannah couldn’t have children, but God heard her prayers and opened her womb, blessing her with the child Samuel. His mother gave him back to God and he grew up in the temple.

Samuel means ‘God has heard’ … a reminder of his miracle birth. As a young child he had his own personal relationship with God. He grew in wisdom and became the last judge over Israel. He was an honest and fair judge who encouraged the children of Israel to turn away from idolatry and serve God only.

He led the children of Israel to defeat the Philistines and as all movies end, the bad guys the Philistines lost the battle

Why did God love Samuel?

Samuel obeyed every word of God.

Samuel had integrity. He was fair in his ruling.

Samuel was obedient and respectful towards God.

Here’s the PLOT TWIST:

Samuel had two sons. He is now old and it’s time for him to step down from his position as a judge. He makes his two sons judges, but Samuel’s sons did NOT have integrity. They TURNED to greed and selfish gains.

The elders came to Samuel and said to him ‘Look you are old, and your sons DO NOT walk in YOUR WAYS. Now make us a king’

Samuel was displeased that the people wanted a king as this would have been the first time a king would have ruled Israel … but Samuel prayed to God. The Lord faithful as He is answers Samuel – ‘Do what the people tell you. They have NOT rejected YOU. They have rejected ME. They DON’T want ME to be their King.’

Here are my thoughts:

Samuel was a man of honor and his sons certainly had a great example before them, but they chose greed and selfish gains in exchange for walking in integrity like their father.

Your children could have had the right upbringing but if perchance they choose not to walk in the ways of the LORD, they will have to live with their choices.

They have NOT rejected YOU, but they have rejected GOD.

Warn them of the consequences of their choices and leave them to make them.

To be a good parent while your heart is breaking is one of the hardest roles you will ever be asked to play but don’t compromise.

God often uses your deepest pain as your launching pad. Meaning God uses the tough experiences in life to help others in the village.

He allows the hiccups in life that you may experience growth and confidence in Him.

The best lessons your children will ever learn are the ones they create. Inadvertently the consequences always follow.

Finally, never compromise your principles in exchange for your children being comfortable around you.

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