Game Changer 2020

Every so often our #1 priority gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Before you realize it the real you are no longer visible as you lie buried somewhere under the weight of important files. To all who assumed that their aspirations and mandatory objectives could NOT happen outside of the walls of the office quickly learned to think outside of the box as the world abruptly came to a halt bringing with it fear and an uncomfortable silence.

Corporations big and small reluctantly and mandatory were forced to shut their doors. Employees whose positions made their loyalty to the company of greater importance than their families quickly realized that they will now have to learn a new way of living outside the walls of their security. I can go and on with a long list of the side-effects of the bitter pill COVID19, but one thing stands out loud and clear – God’s priority was always the home/family.

From the palace to the displaced citizens – fear is the common equalizer of all nationality and race. We can’t just give into fear because the lighting on the stage has been changed. The gloomiest part of  this pandemic for me was watching the reality of everyone who fell victim to this awful and unforgiving virus not having a proper farewell or burial.

How short life really is as loved ones had no more time remaining for goodbyes as the news came only through a brief phone call. How do you move on with ripples of beautiful memories mingled with pain, remorse, disbelief, denial and unfinished business? While the decision of having no contact with victims of COVID-19 was not made flippantly but with careful deliberations, the mental health of both the frontline workers and family members will be challenging.

Life will never be the same as priorities now must be altered. We all need to ask ourselves what is really important, and then have the courage to start rebuilding the foundation of our family and home.

My friends, there’s hope now and in the aftermath of COVID19.

It has been said that a family can survive without a nation, but a nation cannot survive without a family. To survive the aftermath of COVID-19 we need to be actively present in the lives of each other. Satan always hates what God loves and God loves the family. We have been so busy that we often forgot that expensive materials things cannot replace our presence or love in the home.

Darkness and death are valleys on earth we all must walk through, that is part of the human experience. But even when we are forced to walk through the valleys and darkness, we will not fear no evil or evil reports if God is in the equation of the family. Our security now and in the beyond lies in the bond of the family. It’s God that keeps the wheel of love turning and in moments of instability His love is sure.

May God go before you and brighten the darkness. May His presence bring you peace and comfort when everyone else is falling apart. There’s no mountain too high or valley too low that God’s presence can’t be felt.

The real frontline workers are those who know their God as the darkness covers the whole earth. No one can be strong all the time but when one is weak the other is strong.

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