The Stakes are too High

A prolonged applause to all the strong women everywhere. I salute you.

No matter how you feel you rise to the occasion and you never give up. You know you are physically and emotionally drained, but you also know that you must keep on going. Don’t know who said this quote but it’s true – “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

You wear disguises to hide your emotions and gloves to prevent your hurts from spreading to the innocent lives in your care. Your footwear was customized with you in mind to enter and exit the rooms without drawing attention to yourselves. Your hands continue to rock the cradle while your own world is rocking.

The home, the neighborhood and the world around you are slowing fading into the sunsets as everyone is trying to survive their own personal tragedy. Blowing your own horns; pausing to listen if perchance there’s a whisper of a thank you; or even hugging moments are no longer the norm as everyone has been seriously affected by the reality of adulting.

Shifting Perspective Approach:

If you walk with God, you will always reach your destination. My friends, that’s not a cliché but it’s the truth. Who else guarantees to hold your hands through the many uncharted waters?

Take a second to think … hmm…I too came up with a blank. Nobody? So, let me leave that question just in case you have a more brilliant answer than mines. My answer is God.

Be aware of your fatigue. Sometimes it’s okay to take your cape off and say, ‘Not today.’ It’s a decision and not a sickness.

Every hurt has its own story. Every healed emotion has its own story. We were born to tell stories.

Distance yourself from any form of unforgiveness. Stop paying mental storage for emotional trash. When you lose the fatal attraction for revenge you improve your value. The struggle is real, but a good night sleep is worth the effort.

Life sometimes feels like a crazy roller coaster ride. Some riders are screaming just for fun and some are literally having a panic attack. Refuse to be distracted by the loud noises around you. It’s not your event. It’s not weakness. It’s wisdom.

What life has taught us is that no one can control someone’s loyalty. It’s either that they are loyal, or they are not. The Bible says, ‘Let them grow together until the harvest.’ Steve Furtick says, ‘Even the people who betray you are part of the plan.’

Learn to number your days they will soon be cut off. Your last day is never announced. Someone said, “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.” Your satisfaction has everything to do with what you are doing today.

Never underestimate a woman with a prayer in her heart and a plan in her hand.

One day God will say ‘time up’ and nothing you do will give you any more time. The stakes are too high. Stop venting and start praying. You don’t need sympathy, you need strength.

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