Your Destiny is too Important

Our worst enemy sometimes is our very own self. If you allow any and everyone to enter your personal space with THEIR version of YOUR journey be assured that you will never reach your intended destination. So many people lose their sense of direction by allowing  folks with no personal records of achievements to make deposits into their life.

You are the sole driver of your own life learning from your personal experiences as life hands you them. You are the goal setter, the visionary, and the only one who knows your expected arrival time to your destination. Sure, you can have breaks, but you must be mature enough to work overtime to make up for the interruptions.

Blaming others for the route you have taken is folly. You are the driver to your destiny.

If your dream isn’t priority, then toxic people will walk in and out of your life leaving hard to erase imprints in your life. Adulting is being confident to walk alone in order to reach on time for your next assignment. You must choose self-respect, values, morals and self-worth over approval ratings. Life is not a competition between you and anyone else. Your only competition lies inside of your mind.

Some people start swiftly and give up before they get to the end while others who experience a delay once they keep a steady pace arrives at the finishing line. This life is not set up for the swiftest but for those who show strength in adversity. The moment you decide to be yourself, drive yourself to your own destination and compete only with yourself – you are now officially an adult heading for the victory lap.

When God mandates you to walk into your highest calling be certain that He’s standing nearby to assist you in carrying out the task. He equips you because He has seen your potential. What happens when you cannot see what God is seeing in you? You second guess yourself that you’re the right fit for the call.

God’s purpose for your life cannot bring enjoyment without His involvement. The wisest decision you ever make is allowing God to become an active participant in your life. He will keep you from repeatedly running in the wrong direction. God has given to all of us the ability to finish strong but many of us lack direction.

Humans are like the flower of the field – here one day and gone tomorrow. If your activity doesn’t please God, your potential stands a great risk of flopping to the ground like a helium balloon that has lost its air. When you were little everyone saw the best in you because you were cute and adorable – you started off well. But as your confidence increased you removed God from the equation and replaced His presence for the approval of friends.

Give God a vote in the way you live your life. The better your life becomes is the more freedom you will enjoy. Your destiny is too important not to have an anticipated ending.

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