Do Not Give Up!

Today’s blog is for parents who have struggled with getting this parenting thing done right.

Over the years we have heard about – Mama Bear, Tiger Moms, Helicopter Moms, and recently I have been reading about “Snowplow Parents.” They all tickle my rib cage as I see myself in every style of parenting over the years but really … do all kids come in the ‘one style fits all’?

The “Snowplow Parent” is described as a person who constantly forces obstacles out of their kids’ paths. They have their eye on the future success of their child, and anyone or anything that stands in their way must be removed.

OMG! Just when I thought I was feeling awful being a Mama Bear, Tiger Mom, or any of the above along comes the Snowplow Parents Club who has recruited me as a member. I just cannot seem to get a break from these awful cycles of parenting. Getting a perfect score on parenting styles seems to be so evasive and disheartening but I am not a quitter, so I keep on trying until I get it right.

When you sign up for parenting you better put on your best game face and make it happen at any emotional, financial, mental, or spiritual cost. The conversations, the guidance, the patience, and the prayers never seem like it is adequate even if both parents are actively involved. As parents we want to ensure that our children do not fail so we go to the extremes believing we are helping them to cope with life.

We all want the best for our children regardless if it cost us our sanity, our health, our sleep, or our wealth. We have assisted our children from staying awake until every homework assignment was completed to watching them walk down the aisle anticipating a happily ever after ending. As most parents discover in this point in their lives, our job is not over.

Our role as parents changes and reduces in most areas, but we still have certain responsibilities as parents. When Portia and George face life they may not end up where we hope they will be, but we must encourage healthy behaviors. Hold them accountable. Set expectations. Choose to take a stand in honoring God above excusing our children’s behaviors.

I have discovered one of Satan’s stronghold found in our weaknesses is keeping us chained to fear of failure. Just as we cannot take credit for all the good things in our children’s lives, we should not take all the blame for things that have gone wrong in our children’s lives. Our parenting job is never done but holding them accountable for their choices is pivotal.

The death of Eli and his two sons is a clear warning of the high price parents pay when they fail to heed God’s instructions on godly parenting. 1 Samuel 2.

Our children may make poor decisions, but Jesus promises that He would be with us in the midst of the challenges. We continue to do all we can to encourage them to make good decisions and set moral boundaries concerning the things of the LORD. And may God graciously continue to bless our households.

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