Hold On Help is on its Way

Loneliness is sadness because a person has no friends or reliable family members. There’s a difference between being alone and loneliness. You can enjoy being alone at times yet don’t feel lonely during that time. Then there are times you are alone but sad.

One is a choice while the other one is a permanent state.

Temporary feelings can cause anxiety leading to unhealthy thoughts but they are not permanent. So watch those thoughts – they are like the wind, they change depending on your environment.

Loneliness can attack anyone, anywhere, anytime, so you must be aware of feelings of sadness. Refuse to keep unhealthy thoughts lingering around waiting for a landing strip.

Because feelings are temporary, it’s your responsibility not to overrate your feelings.
It’s easy to end up at the crossroad of entertaining and not entertaining unhealthy thoughts simply because you feel like there are no other options.

Stop! Look! Listen! should be our motto and goal when we are at the crossroads. Overactive negative thoughts pulls you into a state of sadness. Rule #1 – Stop overthinking!

God doesn’t want us to make what suppose to be temporary feelings permanent. He doesn’t want us to be held hostage to a period in life that will end with these words, “And she died on the Mountain of Loneliness and Temporary Feelings”. No way!

The relationship that failed, the pain of betrayal, the past that keeps haunting you, the parent you can’t forgive, or whatever it was or is … God takes all these things that create the most grief in our lives and uses them to become our inspiration.

We deprive ourselves of finding stability when we exclude God out of our thoughts and think we can handle it on our own.

The devil will whip you time after time because he enjoys the chaos. God said that HE WILL KEEP you in PERFECT PEACE whose thoughts are stayed on Him.

Next time you feel overwhelmed I want you to stop and check where you are parked. Street of FEAR or FAITH.

Life always comes with choices. You either turn right or turn left – you cannot stop at the intersection forever. The devil loves company. God gives us freedom. Help is on its way. One word CHOICE!

Father, thank you that we can trust you to take us out of hopelessness and loneliness and give us a sound mind in the midst of uncertainty. In Jesus Name, Amen

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