Courage is Beautiful! My Book is Coming Soon!

Viruses make us feel sick. It spreads like the flu, or a cold or cough. If a person sneezes or coughs, germs that are inside the body come outside of the body and send germs into the air. That is why it is important to stand six feet apart from people in the public domain. You do not want to breathe in germs that are in the air.

Now permit me to stretch my imagination a bit. We live in a world with other humans who sneeze and cough negative words, emotions, and attitudes that are releasing airborne bacteria that show up in their actions towards us. These germs feel like a bad cough attempting to destroy the air sacs of hope for many generations to come.

Intensive Care Unit Time: Politely excuse yourself from anything or anyone that steals your joy, purpose, and self-confidence. You cannot change the people around you, but you can change who you choose to spend time with. Avoid as much as you can any pitfalls and potholes that take the wind out of you.

Keep bugs of disappointment from occupying your mind by regularly purging your thinking with the promises of God. Use your creativity as a hand sanitizer after interacting with infected people. Try not to touch your mouth by repeating negativity. Keep your eyes away from other people’s views of you. Bacteria kills purpose.

Let your integrity bring out the best version of yourself, and God will bring people who will add value into your life without adding clutter. Surround yourself with people who will bring you solutions and not problems.

Stay Safe: Keep doing whatever you must do even if no one is watching. Do it not to be recognized. Do it even if you do not want to. Do it if it is easy or hard. Just keep doing it.

God can use your disadvantages to bring you into your greatness season. In every storm there is an opportunity to clear the path. Avoid falling into the ugly spirit of comparison – it kills your laughter.

God do not like ingratitude so refuse to be petty when life throws you a curve ball. The year 2020 showed up disguised as a horrible nightmare. The best thing you can do is to stop trying to figure it all out. You cannot go back and change the beginning of the year, but your true power lies in how you will change the ending.

We have not lost time. It took everything we have faced to bring us to where we are today.

As for me, despite the virus and the people I encountered along the path I grew into becoming a published author after my manuscript was accepted by reputable publisher in the US. I read this quote somewhere before “God has a tendency of picking up a nobody, to become a somebody, in front of everybody, without asking anybody.”

I spent less time wondering if I am good enough and took a risk in pursuing my dream. Courage is beautiful.

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