Hang in There

Some of us easily slide into worry mode before realizing that we are being held hostage to something we have no control over. We spend an exorbitant amount of time thinking about situations and problems in our lives. We start to fret over small matters which grow into huge fears which make our brain unable to shut down.

For a thought to bring on anxiety it first must have started as a small bit of an uneasy feeling. It is like one day unintentionally dropping a tiny seed in some dirt. Waking up to see the seed growing from the ground with its roots fixed firmly in the soil. When this happens, if left intact the seed will one day become a tree making it exceedingly difficult to cut down.

Worrying is mentally draining. When left unattended it will steal your sleep, your happiness, your life meanwhile taking deep root in your garden of love. Have you ever tried to hug someone or tell someone I love you and you felt like you just made contact with a wall? Worrying really is a little more complicated than dropping a seed in some dirt because it deals with our raw unfiltered emotions.

If we find ourselves worrying about our home issues, finances, relationships etc. – we must also remember that if you do not like who you are becoming because of all these elements – changing the way you deal with life is always an option. We are not trees. We can be placed in an environment, but the environment does not have to be in you. We do everything we can to manage the insecurity.

Look for the beauty in yourself and do not allow what is happening around you to get inside of you. To break a habit, you must take control of what you are doing and begin doing something positive.

Being consistent in whatever we do is the key to winning or losing the war. Both take active commitment. It is okay if your tummy hurts for fear but decide what matters most and do it.

I hope you never believe that other people have it easier than you. Where we are right now is God’s place for your life and mines. Together we will continue to obey God. Love from where we are. Keep on believing that God has a better plan than worrying. He encourages us to come and tell Him everything that is troubling us. God is our life

Confidence in God is like a little seed when planted – it will grow into a big oak tree. Pray because He is listening. God makes everything beautiful in its time. We are clothed with strength and love and will begin to laugh without fear of the future.

Let us root for each other and watch each other grow. Hang in there. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. All we need to decide is what kind of seed to plant (fear or faith) with the time that is given to us.

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