Has the Train left the Station?

My soon to be released book is dedicated to my mother Mrs. Bernice Philip who has since gone on to receive her greatest reward in Heaven. I call to remembrance the genuine faith that was first in my grandmother and my mother and now in me. I know they both would have been proud of my accomplishment and for that I am grateful. My legacy is rich in Godly faith.

Mothers, our role in the home is more valuable than the jobs we hold, the money in the bank, or our status. Our names may not be mentioned in the top 100 greatest influencers of the world , but our children and grandchildren will rise and applaud us if we sacrifice and do it right.

Children will learn everything they need to learn by shadowing us. They will shadow us only for a limited time though until he or she feels like hopping on the next train that is leaving the station. Being consistent and genuine leaves no time for double standards. Children are imitators and they will imitate our behavior over obeying our instructions.

My mother’s life was very consistent and genuine despite her many challenges. She lived her life as an open book before her children. We saw her faith withstand everything that was meant to destroy her, but it did not prevent her teaching us to have our own walk with God.

We were surrounded with love and discipline, and my mom invested time and effort into educating us. Who I am today is by no means an accident. I shadowed my mother’s disciplined life while raising my own children. Like my mom I raised my children to love and fear God above everything else. My greatest joy is being alive today so my grandchildren can get to know me.

Four things I consider are important in raising children – Love, Prayer, Discipline and Example. Today we are witnessing the effect of a single virus bringing the entire world to a halt and these four ingredients are being recommended as a recipe to healing the world.

Love – it is not all about you. You can be a healthy person, but you can carry the virus to someone who is not. What you intentionally or unintentionally do will have a long-lasting effect on others. When someone else’s happiness is your happiness – that is love.

Prayer – people everyone is praying. From the Palace to the hospital to the nursing home to the schools to the funeral homes to the graveside to the grieving relatives. Everyone understands the effectiveness of prayer. Keep calm and pray for the world.

Discipline – staying home saves lives. Working on the frontline is stressful and difficult. The healthcare workers are overwhelmed and frustrated. Everyone must choose one of two pains – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The easiest decision you will ever have to make.  

Example – the best life is a life that makes the world a better place for everyone. The train with our children on it will one day leave the station called home. Make sure you gave them best directions.

Four things are important in raising children – Love. Prayer. Discipline. Example.

My Unsung Hero

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