The Family

Be not misled – a family is not a tightly knitted group of perfect people that gush about each other to the world 24/7. Being part of a family means we all have different temperaments, approaches, likes, dislikes, sensitivities, but at the end of the day you have each other’s back.

Every family has their unique problems but sticking together is admirable.

Being part of a family is far better than being alone in a big city. God’s original plan was for every person to find an intimate sense of belonging within the household. We all have parents, grandparents, and great grandparents which make up our family tree.

Growing up in my big family I watch my Mom handle all our personalities like a boss. When I became a Mom, I was baffled many times wondering how in God’s Name did my Mom do it making it look so effortless.

Having my own kids, they made me question my own sanity many times. Sometimes I think about what I would say if I can talk to my Mom again. My Mom used to tell us when push come to shove, you will always have each other.

In all honesty my greatest happiness is my family. We are not perfect far from it. We know there are no exchanges or returns of human cargo once they enter through the door.

Yes, we disagree with each other, but our faith consistently brings us right back to where it all began. Our circle of strength was founded on faith and kept by God.

As we grow in size and go in different directions, at the end of the day our roots are secured. As a Mom I too am not perfect. I make mistakes. I lose my cool. And some days I can be a little irrational. But it is okay because no one can downright love my children like I do. They know I have their back. In my family no one is left behind.

A family is not always about the needs of the children and making everything perfect for them. Children need to know that Mama cries when they are not okay. That she hurts when they fall praying that their bruises will not leave permanent scars.

Mama’s heart is fragile as she carries each child in her heart. A strong Mama is one who is able to smile in the morning like she was not crying all night.

The secret is making life perfect with all its imperfection. Someone said, “Parenting is a lifetime job and does not stop when a child grows up.”

The Bible says in Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loves at all times, and a relative is born to help in adversity.” Meaning friends come and go, but family sticks with you during the hardest of times.

Love is patient, love is kind. Love must be genuine.

Family is the first place where children find out about genuine love, relationship, and forgiveness. Families play an important role in the community. A healthy family makes a healthy community.

Family means having someone to love you unconditionally in spite of who you are and your shortcomings. Family is loving and supporting one another even when it is not easy to do so. It is being the best person you could be so that you may inspire each other to greatness.

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