The Mango Tree

A mango tree is laden with mangoes some are ready to be picked while others are still too young. Growing up in the islands everyone had one or more mango trees in their backyard. School kids love to throw rocks at mango trees forcing the ripen ones to fall to the ground so they can feast away at them. No one picked the green mangoes because they are undesirable.

The battle was always for the ripe mangoes. As a kid I remembered when the ripe mangoes fell to the ground after much stoning and pelting rocks – the race now was to grab as many mangoes your little hands can hold and run. This was quite an accomplishment.

Game over as everyone left with their prized possession. The laughter and joy you felt after snatching yourself a handful of ripe juicy mangoes was second to none.

Now let us imagine that you were a mango tree laden with delicious looking mangoes. Will you feel offended if people who love mangoes began throwing rocks at you until all your ripe mangoes fell off your branches? I hope not. Why? Because the ripe mangoes prove just how fruitful you have been making it tricky for people to resist the temptation of passing you by.

You are a showpiece in the garden. Admit it – you have been hidden too long from the public’s eye. Love the life you have worked hard for. Make no excuse for producing your best fruits.

If your mango tree is fruitful expect people to throw rocks. The mango tree does not stop bearing because people are throwing rocks at it. You will not stop bearing because people are throwing rocks at you. The beauty is your fruits are fully grown and people are hungry.

Allow yourself to feel no pain when the rocks are thrown at you because if no one chooses you your best fruits will go to waste.

The battle is always for the ripe fruits, but you must put in the extra effort to keep reproducing until your season is done. A mango tree bears fruits so others can enjoy them. Your gifts will make room for you. Do not lose heart. Be thankful that you are reproducing. No one throws rocks at a tree that is fruitless.

If you do not want to be noticed do nothing. If you do not want anyone attacking you play dead. No one wakes a sleeping old man but a toddler running around keeps everyone’s attention on him.

Success brings attention. A house under construction heightens attention. A beautiful tree attracts attention. A new car creates attention. A newborn baby wins everyone’s attention. A dead lion is overlooked.

I trust you were able to gain a little awareness into why you may be attacked or why you may be overlooked.

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