The Girl without a Voice

We build solid relationships with the hope of finding security, but we keep God as a third wheel moving around with us for emergency cases only. God cannot be your defense if you build houses for yourself but keep Him in temporary tents for your emergencies. God requires stability. He is not on house call duties – call today and gone tomorrow.

The lyrics of the song ‘His eye is on the sparrow’ have many times reassured me when there were more questions than answers. I knew I had a constant friend in Jesus. The Word tells me God’s eye is on the sparrow, so I know God watches over me. Discouragement cannot overstay its time.

There once was a little girl in a faraway country without a voice. As this little grew she only use her voice to cheer for everyone running in the race of life. One day life handed her a bag of lemons and she sat and pondered on the whys, the what ifs, who did it, and where it was done. Then her inner voice spoke up loud and clear and said, ‘You can write your words until you are brave enough to speak.’

Today, this little girl wrote her words and her voice is echoed throughout the world. I am that little girl who no one heard my voice while growing up.

I thank everyone who listened to my voice and applauded me in the public arenas. The loud applause made me brave and reassured me that my voice matters.

The plane has landed with Grown Up Conversations on-board. Amazon has released my first book and it is now available online. Thank You Jesus for being the PILOT of my plane.

Thanks to my online readers who applauded and supported my dream. Thanks to my incredible husband for partnering with me for the last 47 years. To my four wonderful daughters thank you for the experiences of being your mother. To my amazing sister Joy for holding my hands from when I was that little girl without a voice to having a clear, loud voice.

God stood with me and give the strength to speak up on the very topics that once held me in bondage. He used me as a vessel to carry the light to others. When life gives you, lemons throw a reading club party.

When you make God your partner, He will serve you a six-course dinner right in front of the whole world. He straightens your drooping head, and your cup will overflow with blessings. God comes alongside you and gives you peace.

Prayer time: Master God, being the God You are, speaking affirming words as You do, and having just said that You will give all Your children rest from their enemies all around, please, just one more thing – Bless our families and keep your eye on them always. Let those who do not have a voice be heard across the world bringing hope to all. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Please support me and purchase my first book – Grown Up Conversations by June Doyle. I am the girl who did not have a voice.You can place your order on God bless

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