Oops – There is a Plot Twist

Most of us become impatient waiting on people, things, traffic lights, trains, buses, planes etc. It is even much harder to wait around hoping that something good will happen to change the outcome of a disappointment. When you expected a yes, but you got a no – know that your only comeback is your ability to choose one positive thought over a negative one.

Your ability to let go of what you wanted is your way out of an unplanned crisis. Never allow your mind to bully you into believing that you cannot go on because of disappointment. When the long-awaited phone call does not happen trust that God is on the other end of the phone line. More times than not it is our distractions that are loud.

How can God display His miraculous ways if there is never a plot twist? There is one truth that I am totally convinced about – God can put total strangers in your path to get you where you are supposed to be. The only way God can show us that He is in control is to put us into situations where we cannot control the outcome.

Those kinds of situations let us know that we are not wise enough to map out our entire life without bringing us to moment of truth where we do not know what to do next. When God wants to show you and I that His love is safe to trust – He puts us into situations where it is only God and God alone that can rescue us.

Far too many times we find ourselves waiting for the applauses of our circle of friends then to move forward. Meanwhile, God is saying to us, ‘Trust Me. I will take you to the place where the behaviors of others will not destroy your inner peace.’ Sometimes, people who betray our trust is all part of God’s plan.

The plan God has for each of us is unique and unmatched by anything we may have seen before. It is ridiculous to limit God based on our short-sightedness. While you are waiting at the bus stop for Bus 99 God may have many times sent you a helicopter, but you were too focus on the bus schedule. It is funny how we think that God is not hearing our prayers while God thinks we are not hearing or seeing Him.

God is never late. His timing may be confusing or even frustrating for us because we simply did not take the time to consult with Him before heading out to our destination. We need to stop giving people so much power over our lives believing you need their affirmation. Run your race and allow God’s grace to bring you to an expected end.

Stop over-analyzing. Stop regretting. Do not allow anyone to keep you waiting at the wrong bus stop. It is time to move. We sometimes face things that appears to be out of control, but if we can rest assure that God has it all under His control – every little thing is going to be alright.

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