Put your Fear back to Sleep

Have you ever found yourself negotiating with God? It may surprise you that God prefers that you be direct when speaking with Him. When we look behind or up ahead – God is there. God knows our thoughts way before we are conscious of our own thoughts.

Honest relationship is more than saying the nice words when everything is peaceful and calm. God wants to hear when the storms of life are creating unsettling thoughts in your mind causing you to pace the floor in the wee hours of the morning. God knows when you are struggling to say through tears – ‘Having done all I choose to stand in my faith.’

Although many times you maybe flat-out discouraged lying on the floor – pause for a moment and remember the other times you survived what you thought was the worst period of your life. Wouldn’t God do it again? Despite what the facts may look like – the facts cannot stop God’s unique design for your life. This is the difference between fake faith and real faith.

Many times, it looks like someone keeps moving the goal post every time you get close to it. Followed by the mocking jeers of Satan saying to you, ‘Let me see God bring you out of this very twisted mess.’ Sure, enough the more you think of the evidence in front of you is the greater the resistance it is to fight back.

Spiritual fatigue is real when you are in the waiting room. But thank God your loyalty to God keeps you fighting round after round.
When your heart is broken – you will find God right there reminding you of His promises. If you get kicked in the gut, He helps you catch your breath. Psalms 34:18

Having all the resources in the world available to you is of no help when life falls apart. But a life built on principles of the Bible and faith in God can withstand the worst. When your hope is crushed – your heart is crushed – but God gives a song in the midnight hour. God holds your world is in His hand. You will not fall apart.

Your faith grows when you are being challenged by a stubborn enemy. Big faith means big battles. Little faith means no battles. You may bend and become broken but like a good strong oak tree you will survive the storm because your faith roots are deep.

God is fighting battles for you that you are completely unaware of because you are overly nervous about the moving goal post. Your faith must be real so your responses can be different.

Faith is like an echo – when you speak – it comes right back at you.

Put your fears back to sleep. You are not on night watch duties – God is.

Real faith in God supports positive thoughts. Do everything you can to pull through the night by rehearsing the promises from God in the Bible.

If you think you are ready to do life with God – God is ready to build an honest relationship with you.

My first book Grown Up Conversations is now available on Amazon.com. Thank you for your support.

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