Keep Rowing

Caution: Make sure everybody in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you are not looking. Your friends, family and loved ones should be championing your achievements but the truth is everyone will not. When you win, your circle should feel as if they are winning but not everyone will. Switch your thoughts from being offended and hurt to growing and healing and watch how everything changes.

Do not grant anyone the enjoyment of making you a bitter person because of their behaviors. If no one throws you a life jacket if you fall overboard – God will help you back onboard. People need your forgiveness and love despite how you feel about their actions. They may never ask for forgiveness, but forgiveness gives you freedom from resentment.

God is a God of rebuilding and repairing relationships. The Lord’s prayer says, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” We need forgiveness and we need to forgive others.

Someone said, “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

Being kind is a personal choice and it is never dependent on what others do or do not do.
Never play the victim role. Do not make excuses why you stopped rowing. Be the one who is always motivated to try again.

It takes discipline to keep going when you discover strains in your relationships. Anyone who is on the top of their game kept going despite the pain.

Find your piece of the pie and applaud loudly when others win.

Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Some people wonder what happened.

Fix the flaws and keep rowing – it builds character. Will it be easy? Maybe not! Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

There is this funny quote I saw once – “You throw up before you pass out, you pass out before you die, and if you die – we’ll name a boat after you.”

Just keep rowing despite the pain – your legacy will live on.

God is your refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. The reality is that there will be difficult times, but God promises to be your safe haven.

When trusted people fail you and water gets into the boat – God has not failed you.

Is there anything too hard for God? Nothing is Impossible with God. Do not doubt His abilities. Instead, trust God to do the impossible in your life, in your family’s life , in your community, and while fixing your boat. Nothing is too hard for God!

On good days – row. On bad days – row harder. Crying is acceptable. Quitting is never an option. Pray! Love! Row!

Some of the kindest people have lived in a world that was not kind to them. Life is too short to wake up everyday with regrets.

Life’s story never goes as planned but Jesus always have a plan. 2 Timothy 4:17 “But the LORD stood with me and gave me strength.” Sometimes I had to work harder than I was expecting because of holes in my boat – but when anxiety was great within me, God’s consolation brought me joy.

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