You are NOT a Rag Doll

A rag doll is a doll made from cloth which was popular when my girls were little.  Raggedy Ann had a large round face, red circles on her cheeks, and hair made from pieces of red wool. Her hands and legs will go limp when picked up. Its baffling how a beautiful doll can endure the horrible treatment of a toddler (teardrops stains, literally dragged all around the house, playground, and placed on the grocery carts) without getting separated from its little owner.

If you have never once questioned your parenting abilities, you have earned my deepest respect. For most parents we are our biggest critics. The Book of Proverbs say – ‘A wise child makes his or her father happy, but a foolish ( I prefer the word irresponsible – it’s softer) child is a grief to his mother.’

As parents we take pride in bragging about our children and the great choices they are making and rightfully so. The pride and joy of a father is seen on his face as he tells everyone about his child’s achievements. The reason the father is glad is because his son or daughter is wise.

But the scripture did not stop there – it went on speaking about a foolish child bringing grief to the mother. Mama bears the grief when her child has failed in making good choices. Mama’s grief is a deep sorrow that feels like a great loss coupled with loneliness. Mama’s grief often feels like a rag doll where her hands and legs go limp as her need to be picked up becomes crucial.

A mother’s reaction to a child failing at life is ten times more intense than a father. Mothers become pretty much inconsolable until her child gets back on the right side of life.  I am not even sure that neither a child nor a father can understand how deeply a mother grieves for her children.

As mothers, our children’s choices will affect our own lives. But with the grieving you can agree to allow the Lord to use it to inspire you to continue praying until your child returns to his or her right senses. Do not quit praying because God knew long before anyone of us were born that a foolish child brings grief to the mother as seen in Proverbs 10:1. If God brings you to it, He will take you through it.

Mothers, I have news for you – You were not meant to live life as a limp rag doll. You cannot allow your love for your child and your tangled emotions to drag you around like a rag doll. The only person you have control over is you. Satan waits until you become weak and vulnerable to attack your mind with things that are completely outside of your control.

God is excited when mothers begin to see the good side of the bad things happening to us. It has nothing to do with our emotions. We might feel the disappointment or even become angered over our what we see or know but it is about trusting God.

God wants us to respond to the hard things in our lives—in a way that shows our trust in Him.

Do not be a rag doll when it comes to making up your mind to release your children in God’s care. The only way out is to trust and obey God.

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