SOS stands for Save Our Souls. It is used as a distress code to signal danger. The code signals that a person is in danger and needs immediate help.

As human beings it is nice to take a personal interest in doing the best we can to respect and help others who finds themselves in hardship.

Someone once said – ‘You never know when your First Aid skills will come in handy. Carry some bandages and band aids always, you never know when you might need them.’

Some people come into our lives with old wounds that may not have been fully healed and at the slightest word spoken they can bleed.

Showing empathy, compassion, and care allows those hurting to approach you if or when they need care or just a listening ear.Whatever may cause the wound to bleed again – be thankful you can lend an ear and/or your voice.

If you never knew what it felt like to live without a supporting team use your imagination and not your judgement. Reach out and be the shoulder someone can safely and confidently lean on.

The pain of an open wound needs your empathy and compassion to bring about an emotional healing.Life is not a competition between those who live in a peaceful environment and those who live in a war zone.

Life was not designed in a way for anyone to walk alone. You do not sidestep others because life has been kind to you – someone needs you. Your house may not be burning but your neighbor’s house may be smoking.

It is beautiful when you have been given an opportunity to walk alongside someone who is bleeding from unhealed wounds. No one is looking for handouts but a hand to hold in times of need making each one stronger.

If you can overlook your own shortcomings and wrong doings, you ought to overlook the shortcomings of others.

Strong people fight for the good of others. They pick up the wounded and run with them on their shoulders. When you help others, you leave them better than you met them.

The bleeding cannot be stopped without having someone that can be trusted and extending a loving hand. When you make yourself available and vulnerable to others God can use you to bring healing to the wounded.

Whatever you do – do it with humility and God will be pleased. Relationships are important.

The most painful relationship is when someone cannot love, honor, or support another person publicly because of what they have spoken behind the person’s back.

Be nice to people on your way up because you might meet them again on your way back down. ‘A hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same.’ Yung Pueblo

The lesson of the Good Samaritan bible story is that everyone, even those normally considered unworthy, is your neighbor. The Samaritan showed empathy, compassion, and care to a person who would normally be looked down on and don’t deserve to be part of the circle.

You never know when your First Aid skills will come in handy so carry some bandages and band aids. You never know when you might need them.

Be kind, but not weak. Be confident, but not arrogant.

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