Flaws and All

Learn from your shortcomings.

As adults we are aware that life comes with road bumps, potholes, road closures, and all the other little irritants that awaits us from day to day as we travel through life. No one escapes the hazards of life that too many times leave us shattered into irreparable pieces without God’s grace and mercy.

Thank God there are ‘Mercy Rest’ stops strategically placed along the highway for tired travellers to take a rest and do some self restoration.

If you try to ignore the warning bells of self renewal you will eventually run off the road and crash before getting to your destination. Using the ‘Mercy Rest’ stops help you to do some much-needed evaluation. Life is not a race but a journey.

Each level of life calls for an assessment. Taking care of your emotional health is wisdom.

You may feel like you are losing the will power of protecting yourself from the blind spots of life but do not count yourself out just yet – there are ‘Mercy Rest’ stops at every intersection  of life. A lot can change when you see how far you have come from with the help of God.

Sure, we all have made mistakes, experienced disappointments, and recovered from failures. Once your heart is ticking you will continue to succeed if you stay focus on the road ahead.

The little nuisances, the road bumps, the potholes, road closures are all part of God’s plan to mold you and shape you into the person you were destined to become. God sees you with all your shortcomings and strategically mastermind your comeback.

God loves you excessively. At the ‘Mercy Rest’ stop God gives you a clean image while learning how to maneuver the road bumps, potholes, and road closures in your life. Those who learn to rest in God will skillfully carry weighty stuff on eagle’s wings.

Be done complaining about the frustrations of life. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about. From now on – God is the One who answers and satisfies you. You will feel like you are driving a luxurious car where you have mastered the art of driving around obstacles placed on the roadway.  

 If you want to live well, make sure you understand all of this – shortcomings are not the end of your life. It’s a master design waiting to be revealed before the entire world. Stop stumbling and tripping over your past. God is not distracted by your past. He is bigger than your past – He is ready to take you into the future.

If you build a wall, you will invite peace stealers who take pleasure spying out your terrain. A cheerful outlook on life is good for your health. Gloom and doom leave your bones tired. “In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

The Good News: Put your trust in God; only He can do what is best for you. Admit you need God. Be willing to move on with God. Believe that nothing takes God by surprise. He sees you at your worse and still think of His master plan.

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