The Audacity of TRUST

When we become overwhelmed with troubling issues the struggle to wait on God becomes unbearable making us nervous as we wait for the outcome. Doubt and fear create anxiety. Anxiety brings about uncertainty. Uncertainty makes you lose hope.

Have you ever expected God to answer in the affirmative and as your self-imposed deadline approaches suddenly out of nowhere a wave of disappointments catapult you into the roughest place of your life? Who do you turn to for guidance when it looks like your world just came crashing down before your eyes?

Suggestion #1: Do not take advice from anyone who do not have to live with the consequences of turning your heart away from God and looking to a person for help. When your back is against the wall it can be tempting to make two golden calves (substitute for God) to replace your faith in an invisible God. Pause for a moment! Listen to your inner voice! Then turn around and say loudly, ‘I will wait on God!’

Suggestion #2: Some prayers requires a level of trust for maturity in God to grow. A toddler is left at the daycare and he or she is afraid that Mommy or Daddy will not return for them. Everyday toddler throws a tantrum until he or she is convinced that Mommy or Daddy has not forgotten them. Now toddler is dropped off and there are no more tears but kisses, hugs, a big broad smile, and waves of excitement. Some prayers require a level of trust for maturity in God to grow. It gets better with each test.

Suggestion #3: Sometimes we are praying about a son, daughter, husband, friend, sister , or neighbor and just like that in God’s style – He teaches you how to blossom where you are planted without the evidence of things changing in the lives of those you are praying about. Lesson – prayers are answered in many ways apart from how you anticipated the outcome. Sometimes, God wants to work on us more than those we are praying for.

When God is your shepherd you do not need a thing. You may WANT, but never NEED a thing. Sheep do not look after the shepherd. The shepherd looks after the sheep. He gives you everything that is needed for today. God will hide you during the uncertainty long enough for you to catch your breath and send you in the right direction.

When you trust Him – He will walk with you making you feel secure. He reminds you 365 times every year ‘Do not to be afraid.’ Fear is not an attribute of God.

Every time you resist acting in fear, you are rewiring your brain to be calmer by the minute and to trust God in the midst of uncertainty. He is a realistic God who remembers you are human, and He knows where the bumps and patches are along the way. We make elaborate plans, forgetting that God has the last say – so let courage arise and keep relying on God.

Let’s see what happens if you and I don’t give up. Our strength goes when we think we cannot go on. God cannot fail but our self-imposed restrictions can get tricky. Run far away from ungodly counsel. One lone advisor doesn’t qualify. This is where we can go wrong.

Thought for Today: The devil doesn’t care if you go to church or read your Bible, as long as you don’t apply it to your life.  

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