What is your Assignment?

If you are a grown up and still feel like your life has a missing link, there is good possibility that you have lost your enthusiasm because you have pretty much outgrown your environment or your network of friends and acquaintances.

Life becomes monotonous when you stay in the same environment for too long. You are not a tree so surround yourself with humans who will inspire and motivate you. You lose enthusiasm staying around the same folks who have done the same thing everyday for the last decades of their lives.

Remember if you hang out with small minded people you will become stagnated causing premature death to the dreams hidden within you. Never doubt your value by selling yourself at a discounted price. Everything you do today will either make your future brighter or kill your potential.

It is better to be alone working on yourself than to find yourself consistently in the wrong company. When you become part of a team that is winning the conversations are different. One thing I have proven as an adult – when you begin to work on becoming a better version of yourself people will openly start to judge you. And that is fine – your environment was destroying your roots of possibilities until you were forced out of your confinement.

There is just too much to do before your time expires to get caught up with approval ratings or meaningless drama. Someone said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discus people. Ladies, it is your turn do something that younger self will be eternally grateful for. There is a little girl on the inside of you screaming to grow up.

Forgive yourself when you did not know better but now that you do – it is the right time to change the conversations. Every human being has a God-ordained right to shift their focus for the betterment of themselves and those after them.

It is time to set your goals so big that it will make your previous acquaintances and friends become uncomfortable hanging around you. Let others argue over small things once you do not lose sleep over  the minor things in life. Refuse to stay in an environment that is not helping you to grow mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Sometimes we fall before we can stand and that is okay. The next time you try to stand you would have conquered the fear of falling. There are successful women out there who will help you to succeed when they see you trying. Do not stop until your dreams scare you. After a few knocks you become tougher and more resilient and the doors come swinging open before you.

When you look back let it bring you joy to see how far you have come from where you were before. Refuse to lose zeal no matter how many times you stumble. The school of hard knocks is the best learning ground despite the sore muscles. Accept your grown-up status by blocking out the negativity and changing the conversations around the table.

With God on your side you will become fearless and stay calm like a baby. Ask God for one thing and that is to stay close to Him. It is the only quiet and secure place in a noisy and nosey world. It is the perfect place away from the buzz of human traffic. God holds your head and shoulders above all who try to pull you down.

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