Grown Up Conversations – Day TWO – Let’s keep it Real – VIDEO


Trying to please EVERYONE is an easy way to spell catastrophe. You are the only person who will be held responsible for WHO and WANT you allow into your life. People will always treat you the way you ALLOW them to treat you. You DON’T have to be rude or obnoxious just CHOOSE your associates wisely BEFORE giving unscrupulous people full benefits.

Stop blaming others for making you feel depressed, sad, lonely, and ignored. I am sharing with you something I read online – take as long as you want to read and whatever you decide to do with the information provided it is all up to you.  

“10 Signs you LACK personal boundaries”

  1. You fail to speak up when mistreated
  2. You give away too much of your time
  3. You agree when you actually feel like disagreeing
  4. You feel guilty for dedicating time to yourself
  5. You feel taken for granted by others
  6. You have toxic relationships
  7. You have chronic fear about what others think of you
  8. You overshare details about your life with others
  9. You constantly feel like the victim
  10. You attract people who try to control or dominate you

Thought for today: You are valuable because of who you are. You were made in God’s image, according to His likeness (Genesis 1:26). BEFORE God created you and BEFORE He created this world, you were the foundation of His love. “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love” (Ephesians 1:4).

  • God thinks the world about you
  • You are the apple of His eye
  • You were made in the image of God regardless of how you see yourself in the mirror
  • You are the basis of His love
  • God chose you and He will choose you over and over again
  • You are holy and blameless before God because He loves you
  • When you know who you are in Christ – you will never settle for less

You must convincingly say, “NO”  to unwanted or inappropriate demands or behavior. It’s critical to establish boundaries so you won’t feel used or mistreated. Setting boundaries gets the respect you so deserve and attracts the right people.

Dear God, I thank you for allowing me to have a second chance in choosing my destiny. Take away the footprints of anyone who has left pain and chaos in my life. Break the cycle of bad choices. I reject any form of abuse whether verbal, mental, emotional, or derogatory remarks from toxic people. Thank you for creating me with a greater purpose as I see my worth through Your eyes. In Jesus Name, Amen

3 thoughts on “Grown Up Conversations – Day TWO – Let’s keep it Real – VIDEO

  1. Junie, thank you for this word today. it is truly a blessing. Praying that this word will find the right hearts and minister to many who need to hear this word today. I have shared it.
    Blessings! 💕 👭 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my Sister for being a tower of strength behind me. I appreciate you holding my hands and watching me grow up and having grown up conversations. I appreciate you 🙏🏾


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