Monday Morning in October – Grown Up Conversations

Stay at Peace

I pray that we as grown ups will be very selective in our battles. If we fight everything that disturbs our peace, we will be too tired to fight the essential ones.

Romans 12:18 “If possible, to the best of your ability, live at peace with all people.”

We are encouraged to do all that we can to live in peace with everyone. Life has taught us as grown ups that choice is the most powerful tool we have. At any point in life we can change the course simply by one choice.

I believe that every human being secretly desires to live at peace with each other, but Satan hates affectionate relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors. His job is to keep us at war with each other. It gets tricky to live at peace with everyone and to set healthy boundaries that’s why it’s extremely important to keep your daily interactions with like-minded people. It makes life simpler.

When relationships are put to the test-  discipline yourself to gain strength, wisdom, and knowledge from God’s Word. Don’t trade your peace or godly values and principles for agreement. Leave it with God. Some battles you may lose – but maintaining your peace is the goal.

Your real enemy is Satan himself – not people. He attacks with full force because he knows that he has a short time to create unnecessary hostility thereby bringing instability in our mind, body, and soul. But God offers us a peace that super exceeds our expectations which speaks to our heart and mind. God will keep you at peace even where there maybe conflict.

Inquire of the LORD and wait until the LORD gives you instructions. Living in peace is an attitude and way of life, which can help us live well and with purpose, even during difficult times. Living in peace means we are at peace with who we are. Decide what is important and don’t sweat the little things.

Peace is only possible in our society where all human beings feel valued. But your personal place of peace is critical – it comes from true happiness with yourself. You have no control over anyone else’s behavior so guard your peace and trust that it will influence those around you. Peace is living, sleeping, eating, and appreciating the goodness of the Lord. It happens when you feel at peace with yourself. Be happy to be the person you are, flaws and everything.

Psalms 91:13-15 says, ‘You will overpower the strongest lions and the most deadly snakes. The Lord says, “If you truly love me and truly know who I am, I will rescue you and keep you safe. When you are in trouble, call out to me. I will answer and be there to protect and honor you.”

PRAYER TIME: Father, thank you that everything that concerns us concerns you. You know the areas where we become vulnerable to outside activities creating mental disturbance. Protect us from things outside our control that are not good for our mental state. Give us the strength to hold our peace and to sleep well at nights. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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