Grown Up Conversations

Today’s Topic: Do you feel stuck dealing with an issue?

The dictionary meaning of issue is an important topic or problem for debate or discussion.

Many of us have a trust issue, fear issue, relationship issues, or communication issues. All of these can become debatable or argumentative depending on the views of each other. Then there are some people who live with people that have toxic and detrimental habits that can create a nightmare for everyone.

Life becomes extremely challenging to find a certain level of normalcy when you feel like you are being manipulated, disrespected, repeatedly lied to, or when there’s a breakdown of proper communication. It’s hard to avoid issues when all you have are painful recollections of a life gone wrong. When your issues become blurred with tears it’s easy for your heart to become hardened and disconnected .

Luke 4:43-45 says, there was a woman who had an issue for twelve years. Her issue was that she was hemorrhaging, and she had spent every penny she had on doctors, but no doctor was able to help her. She slipped in from behind and touched the edge of Jesus’ robe.

At that very moment her hemorrhaging stopped. Jesus said, “Who touched me?”

When no one stepped forward, Peter said, “But Master, we’ve got crowds of people on our hands. Dozens have touched you.”

Jesus insisted, “Someone touched me. I felt power discharging from me.”

When the woman realized that she couldn’t remain hidden, she knelt trembling before him. In front of all the people, she blurted out her story—why she touched him and how at that same moment she was healed.

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!”

Allow me to link the scriptures with my opening notes.

How long have you been dealing with your issue of fear, trust, unpleasant relationships, communication, manipulation etc. For some of you it maybe one year, twenty years, or some a lifetime.

For many of us we may have spent every penny looking for someone to bring some sort of resolution to the issue or issues we are facing but no one has been able to help like the woman spoken about in the scriptures.

Let’s see what this woman did – she slipped in from behind and touched the edge of Jesus’ robe. At that very moment her hemorrhaging stopped. Will you be openminded to removing all shame and take a risk to go to Jesus for help. Afterall, there’s no doctor or person who is able to help resolve the issues in your life.

So why not.

Quote: “If you don’t heal what hurt you, you will bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”

Your bleeding from those things that caused you a huge amount of pain can from the very first encounter with Jesus stop the bleeding.

The scripture went on to say that Jesus felt her touch and knew it was a different touch even though He was in a crowd. You can be in a crowd and Jesus will know when you touch Him. He hears the faintest cry and responds. Tears are a language that only Jesus can interpret. When the woman realized she couldn’t remain anonymous she stepped forward and told Jesus her whole story.

I don’t think for one moment that Jesus didn’t know it was her but there were other people in the crowd who needed to hear her story.

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!”

My question to you is – Will you take a risk to trust Jesus so you can be free from those things that bring you great distress? We can live well and live blessed.

It’s a New Year and Heaven is opened to offloading NEW BEGINNINGS.

PRAYER TIME: Jesus, we thank You that one touch from You bring quick resolution to everything that has caused us great discomfort and sadness. We take the risk to trust you so we can be free from a lifetime of pain. Thank you we can live well and live blessed. We walk freely into our Season of New Beginnings in Jesus Name, Amen

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