January 26 Grown Up Conversations

Every MESS there’s a MESSAGE

There’s an interesting story found in Genesis 16 of two women Hagar the mother of Ishmael and Sarah the mother of Isaac. Sarah was childless and, in her eagerness, to have a child she gave her handmaid Hagar to her husband Abraham. However, when Hagar became pregnant, Sarah became unhappy with her and began to treat her differently. Hagar runs away into the wilderness and an angel of the Lord found her sitting at a well.

The angel said, “Go back to Sarah, and continue to be her handmaiden. The LORD will give you a son, who will be called Ishmael, because God has heard your cry for help.”

Ishmael means ‘God listens.”

The story went on when Ishmael was about 14 years old Sarah gave birth to her son Isaac whom God had promised. One day Sarah saw Isaac and Ishmael playing together and, fearing that Ishmael would also become part heir to the throne, she begged her husband to send Hagar away.

With only bread and water Hagar and Ishmael ran away into the wilderness. She accepted that this was the end of their lives. 

Once again God sees her and calls out to her showing her a well of water that will sustain her and Ishmael.

The Bible says God promised her that Ishmael would be blessed and that he “will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.” (Genesis 17).

Can I remind you that God sees, listens, and responds to every tear, heartbreak, disappointment, and rejection?

What an unfortunate situation Hagar found herself in which was far beyond her control as a slave. But God can turn any mess into a message if we allow Him to have the last word in our lives.

God did not abandon Hagar the first time when the angel met her at the well nor the second time when she was thrown out of Sarah’s home with her child. Wilderness experiences reminds us that God never abandons His own. He sees and He listens.

Both times God provided for Hagar when she trusted Him. Obedience to God brings multiple blessings for you and your children. We can take the risk of trusting God for everything we will ever need. God looks beyond our failures and shortcomings. His grace and mercy turn every mess into an intriguing message.

God is El Roi the God who sees you and me. He knows how the mess got started. All he requires is that we walk in obedience to His Word. He miraculously turns our mess into our greatest pride and joy.

Heartbroken Hagar called God – El Roi – The God who sees.

The questions are: Why are we running? Where are we running to? Who are we running from? Can we trust God to give us our greatest win out of the messy situation?

Quote: “God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling.

If you ever need someone to just listen, then pray. God sees, and He listens.

PRAYER TIME: Father, thank you that nothing is hidden from your sight. We are reminded that you are El Roi – the God who sees and listens. Thank you that our mess will be our greatest message because things are turning around in our favor. In Jesus Name, Amen

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