February 1 Grown Up Conversations

You cannot Help Everyone

Sadly, there is no perfect place to live on planet earth to avoid seasons of life. We have seasons to heal, seasons to mourn, seasons to tear down and seasons to build whether you are affluent or underprivileged.

Life is more than what we eat, where we live, and what we wear. To survive the seasons of life it’s important we find a quiet place where we can be honest before God. No fancy words, long prayers, or pretense required. It’s your one-on-one-time with God alone.

When our environment is shifted towards God, we will begin to feel a sense of peace and reassurance.

Quote “You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick.” Where is your focus? What are you tolerating? How are you living?

To move from season to season we need to prepare to spend alone time in the presence of God. We very often find ourselves sweating over the small stuff in life while caring for ourselves and others with the hope we can somehow ease everyone’s pain while we are dealing with our own.

We must come to the complete understanding that no significant healing can take place without first changing our mental and emotional and spiritual environment.

If someone’s environment is toxic and they see nothing wrong about it then you can pray with them until you suffer the loss of your voice, they will keep on developing unhealthy symptoms while draining your energy.

Quote: “A shark in a fish tank will grow 8 inches, but in the ocean, it will grow 8 feet or more.”

No one will ever achieve their full potential if they refuse to change their environment even if you give them everything they will ever need for the rest of their lives. You cannot change anyone who does not see an issue with their mess.

Jesus did not spend all His time healing people. He taught them to love God. Love their neighbor as themselves. Forgive others who have wronged them. Love their enemies. Ask God for forgiveness of sins and to turn from their old ways.

Yes, God can physically heal. Yes, He can emotionally heal. Yes, He can financially heal. God can do anything but change your environment for you. Your environment is your personal decision.

We can’t be everything to everyone while trying to handle our own stuff. Jesus didn’t heal everyone.  At some point in life, you have to realize when you have done too much for some folks. Sometimes no matter how much you have done to help someone their challenges will remain the same until they decide to change their environment.

The message is simple. You cannot help anyone who refuses to help themselves get out of their toxic mental, emotional, and spiritual environment. Persons who are at risk in coping with season changes need to have their own personal encounter with Jesus Christ to be protected from the trauma of everyday life.

Prayer Time: Father, we cannot control anyone else but we can control our thoughts, words, choices, actions, and our environment. Grant to us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage we change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. In Jesus Name, Amen

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