April 5 Grown Up Conversations

Things That Should Make Us Go hmm…

We cannot become what we want by remaining the same way we were yesterday. Everything we are praying about demands a certain level of discipline on our part. Prayer without discipline is pointless. God helps those who help themselves.

Today, I am doing some reflections on things most of us have heard before.

‘A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.’

This is exactly how things go in life. People hear, repeat and believe anything bad they hear of others. That is why a lie can “travel halfway around the world.”

Proverbs 18:8 says, “Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you really want junk like that in your belly?”

Word to the wise: On the road to success choose the scenic route where the air is rare.

‘My ride or die friend.’

When choosing to be loyal to someone you should never have to set yourself on fire to keep them warm. Friends should help, support, and share your dreams guiding you on the right path while holding your hands through the twists and turns of life.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Word to the wise: Anything is achievable when you have the right friends.

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

Absolutely not true. Words spoken can never be retrieved even if there’s great remorse. We all have dropped plates, spill milk, and had a few burnt meals but no amount of tears repaired the mess. Words do hurt and leave deep scars that only God can heal.

Psalms 34:18 “If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.”

Word to the wise: Don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they are a good tenant.

‘Our parents were patient when we were young, now it’s time to be patient during their old age.’

Our parents are getting older each day. They will not be here forever. Stress and drama are too heavy a load for them to carry since they have already done their job raising you. Appreciate them now and not at their grave.

Leviticus 19:3 “‘Each of you must respect your mother and father… I am the Lord your God.”

Word to the wise: Treat your parents with respect and your children will do the same for you.

‘The devil finds work for idle hands.’

People who live with passion are the happiest people even if everything is not amazing. An idle person is a miserable person and knocks on every door. Satan still finds mischief for handle hands to do. If there’s no progress the drama magnifies.

Proverbs 31:27 says, “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Word to the wise: A wise woman builds her own home and when her feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘Oh crap, she’s up.’

Finally, “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your attention, your love, your concern.”

It’s horrible to stand in a line to receive something you have not deposited. People will never forget how you made them feel.

Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.”

PRAYER TIME: Father, teach us to live well. Teach us to live wisely. May we live each day knowing you’ve got us. In Jesus Name, Amen

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