Today’s Topic: Life is Different Stages

We are all performers on the stage of life. At birth we are welcomed on to the stage with hugs and kisses. The teenage years take you to the public arena where you can do whatever feels good until you get a reputation.

The adult stage is where you must show up every day struggling to juggle all the curveballs as quickly as they come.

The season of performances ends in the twilight years when the music fades and all is drift away longing to hold something of worth.

Life teaches us a lot about our strengths, weaknesses, values, principles, and morals.

James 4:13 says, Pay attention, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such-and-such a town. We will stay there a year, buying and selling, and making a profit.” You don’t really know about tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for only a short while before it vanishes.”

It’s unthinkable how we brag about what we will do tomorrow believing we know so much about what the next day brings. Our time on the stage of life is like a cloud with tiny water droplets floating invisible to the human’s eye.

One day we can be performing our best act on the stage of life only to vanish into thin air never to be seen again.

The stages of life are short, and no one knows when their exit will be.

Psalms 39:4 the Psalmist David says, “Lord, tell me, what will happen to me now? Tell me, how long will I live? Let me know how short my life really is.”

Since we have no idea when the curtain will be drawn after our last performance let’s avoid rushing through life collecting and fighting for things that we don’t know who will get after we die.

Our life is like an image in a mirror. We very often look and walk away forgetting what we looked like.

It is a sin when someone knows the right thing to do and doesn’t do it.

David the Psalmist asked God to lead him down the path of truth. If David asked God to lead him down the path of truth – therefore, there’s a path that leads to truth and a path that leads to lies. Life is too short to get lost at the crossroads.

Being annoyed, afraid, or angry about how brief life is without accepting divine guidance to be led into the path of truth is called folly.

Whenever you don’t know how you will get from one path to the other just bow your head and say a prayer. God always had a plan and will school you in the path you should go.

PRAYER TIME: Father, thank You for this life that you have set aside for us. We will daily walk in Your truth. Forgive us when we become weary and afraid. Through grace we will conquer. In Jesus Name, Amen

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