Today’s Topic: Don’t Give Up

First, they will laugh. Then they will copy. Do. Not. Give. Up!

Have you ever experienced someone laughing at a comment you made or laughing at an idea you had? Laughing at others comes with a price. Dare I say a very exorbitant price. It means that someone must be the butt of the joke and immaturity is one of the biggest reasons why people laugh at others.

Another person’s insecurities and struggles should never be a sign for anyone to be condescending.

It’s bad enough if a stranger does it, but how much more when it’s someone whom you trusted and respected?

The danger of belittling is a form of abuse and is unpardonable.

You can certainly tell a lot about someone by what or who they laugh at.

But here’s the comeback friends. God certainly had unimaginable foresight into future life as it is written in Proverbs 31:25 that “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” When God is with you, you will not be bought to shame.

When God is ordering your steps, your strength grows just when it looks like you are falling apart. Be quiet and trust the process. God’s timing is never off. Be brave.

The LORD is close to all those who are heartbroken and protects those who feel abandoned.

There will always be naysayers. They are designed to be an integral part of your journey. Trust the process.

The story of Joseph proves God’s ability to change the outcome of misfortunes into a positive ending. God is always in control even when you think your world is out of control.

God remains faithful. God moves powerfully in our lives when we choose to engage Him in our decisions making.

God has used hard times in my life to help me change my view of Him. I used to view God as someone who would always take care of me physically but not emotionally. God does care about how you feel. He cares about every detail of your life. Accept God’s view and opinion for your life rather than embracing the world’s.

Psalms 147:3-6 says, “God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. God counts the stars by number, giving each one a name. Our Lord is great and strong! God’s knowledge can’t be grasped! The Lord helps the poor but throws the wicked down on the dirt!”

Misfortune and the unexpected are actually opportunities to find strength from God. Do not isolate when the unexpected happens.

See these times as opportunities to deepen your relationship with God and good friends. God always provides the way to overcome.

First, they will laugh. Then they will copy. Do. Not. Give. Up!

You are braver than you believe. You are stronger than you think. And smarter than others think.

PRAYER TIME: Father, thank You for clothing your children in strength and dignity. We will laugh at the days to come. Looking back, we have proven Your love and mercy and Your faithfulness. Thank you that we are not quitting or looking to other strange gods. We will trust Your timing. In Jesus Name, Amen

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