Happy Tree Planting Day πŸŒ΄



There are TWO roads in life. One is the road that leads to Happiness, the other is the road that leads to The School of Hard Knocks.

No one with all the knowledge they have in hand will intentionally choose the School of Hard Knocks. Yet, some unintentionally find themselves there.

The Road to Happiness comes with restrictions and persons on that road must be strong willed and focused.

🌴 The road is marked by trees. Trees need water, sunlight, and the nutrients from the soil to grow well. The soil is the Word of God that massages the roots inspiring them to grow strong.

🌴 Many times on the Road to Happiness our branches will quiver during the storms creating doubts and fear. But when the roots are strong everyone can laugh at the storms.

🌴 If you ever felt like giving up just remember that there are branches depending on you to spread out … so don’t disappoint them.

🌴 Day or night. Night or day … your leaves will not wither and whatsoever you do will prosper.

🌴 Come rain or shine the roots are strong enough to hold up the branches.

🌴 Be like a tree. Stay grounded in the Word of God. Bend your knees before you break. Keep growing in faith. You can be scared and still keep growing at the same time.

🌴 Stay deeply rooted in God’s Word while looking for the sunshine.

🌴 Never disturb the roots. You will not topple over. Don’t give in to every wind that blows. Your strength is in the roots.

🌴 Depend on Christ only, drawing life and strength from him. Continue to grow stronger in your understanding of Him, and never stop giving thanks to God.

🌴 Storms make trees grow deeper. Fear not! Don’t be discouraged. You need to have strong roots before the branches grow. The branches are depending on you for strength.


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