Making a Difference One Child at a Time

Congratulations to my daughter Dr. Krissy who just published her 24th peer-reviewed scientific article this past weekend in the American Public Library of Science’s PLOS One.

As a medical neuroscientist, Dr. Krissy has studied how the brain looks and works in autism spectrum disorders for the past 16 years.

Her study that was published two weekends ago looked at how well a portable, inexpensive, brain imaging device was in measuring pain in children with ASD, without the children having to say they were pain. This is important because some people with ASD have a difficult time telling a doctor or caregiver that they are in pain because they have a difficult time communicating, or they might not recognize pain in their own bodies.

As such, It is possible that pain can go untreated, if we don’t have a way to measure pain that does not rely on a person saying, “I’m hurting”. Dr. Krissy’s study shows that this brain imaging tool called Near-Infrared Spectroscopy can detect pain in the brain of people with ASD without them having to say it.

Dr. Krissy is one of the first researchers to explore the use Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to measure how the brain responds to pain in children with ASD.

To God be the glory. Our children are gifts from God. Born with Purpose and destined for Greatness.

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