How are You Managing Your Thought Life by Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas

My Guest today is my daughter a Medical Neuroscientist and College Professor. Life has certainly hit us many curve balls.

I’ve asked my daughter to put her knowledge in layman’s terms with the hope to help someone see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are Dr. Krissy’s thoughts:

We know that our brain is biased to negative thinking, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in a negative space.

Here are 3 things I want you to do that I know would change your brain chemistry.

(1) Say affirmations

Look in the mirror and say positive statements about yourself, to yourself. Research shows that affirmations activate brain areas in the centre of our brain that is responsible for our perception of “self”. These areas are known as the medial prefrontal cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex. Even after affirmations are spoken, the brain keeps benefitting for an extended period of time.

(2) Reflect

Reflection helps us to grow and develop our understanding more deeply, so that we continue to improve the next time we encounter similar situations.
Reflection changes our brain by reinforing neural architecture associated with a particular task or behaviour. It acts as scaffolding and reinforcement for brain cells involved in the behaviour we want to remember and repeat again.

(3) Practice gratitude

Gratitude releases dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that promote happiness and pleasure and motivates us to do more of what makes us happy and grateful.

When we do these 3 tasks that we know releases brain chemicals that help us feel happy, focused and motivated, it actually helps us interpret life through a positive lens because it changes our mood.

So try it today:
(1) Say affirmations
(2) Reflect
(3) Practice Gratitude

…and see how you feel after a few days of doing these things. When we chose to do these things repeatedly we are changing our brain for the better.

2 thoughts on “How are You Managing Your Thought Life by Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas

  1. So grateful for these practical steps to improving our brain health. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s wisdom with us. Blessings on you and all your family. 💖🙇💝👭

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