Today’s Topic: Delete!

The strongest people are those who know when to click the “DELETE” button because there are just too many tabs open.

The hard drive on your laptop stores data. This includes your photos, videos, music, documents, etc. The hard drive can crash if there was an accidental spill, plain old wear and tear, or from overheating.

Life is very much like your computer hard drive. The only difference is, YOU are HUMAN.

A computer can always be replaced, but you cannot purchase another you anywhere in the world.

Storing too many videos of painful memories from your past, history of abuse and hurts, photos of exes, and dairies of events and encounters will make it extremely difficult for you to recover quickly and healthy.

Loading up too much junk in your memory will sap your energy and joy that is required to living an abundant life. You will eventually crash from wear and tear, accidental spillage, and fatigue.

You will emotionally die before you physically die.You will be a shell of who you were originally.

It’s time to clear your history of browsing through the negative messages that were picked up throughout your life. Go ahead and delete without fear that you may need it for evidence.

Permanently delete your history of remorse and regret. Clear your browsing history. Control. Shift. Delete. Close windows of your mind. Declutter your mind and heart. Stop looking in the trash bin.

Delete! Delete! Delete! You’ve got enough problems. Finding your happy space should not be one of them.

Don’t waste your energy talking about things and people you hate. When things go wrong there are lessons to learn. It’s not failure on your part. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34).

PRAYER TIME: Father, help us to get rid of everything that’s weighing us down. You are always in control even when our circumstances may seem out of control. We will never be disappointed when we trust you with our lives. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Each day has enough troubles of its own. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself.

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