Today’s Topic: Don’t be Muzzled

Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving 🇨🇦 Thanksgiving isn’t limited to what is going in and around you. Thanksgiving is the WAKEUP call that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

In a healthy relationship people experience good times, bad times, and in between times. Times never change the dynamics of the relationship. The team remains loyal to each other regardless of what’s happening in and around them. Their loyalty is untarnished.

So, when you hear someone say that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good … I trust you understand it’s the trust relationship between God and the person.

Seasons never change a person’s heart, and the heart doesn’t change because of the seasons. So the next time the devil tries to cloud your vision that God isn’t good all the time … put a silencer on his voice.

To be thankful isn’t a feeling, it’s that you choose not to be beat down, defeated, or allow wounds to muzzle your praise. You choose to remain in hope while your feet remain rooted in the goodness of God.

Your life is a story of many giants but your gratitude isn’t tied to the activities of the giants. Heaven is cheering you on because seasons are not dead ends.

Have you ever wondered why Thanksgiving Day in Canada and the USA falls during the season where everything is dark and gloomy, trees have lost their beauty and just before the coldest season of the year.

What’s happening in and around you should not limit your gratitude. The devil knows that if he can distract your vision by keeping you focus on the gloom… he will steal your praise.

Thanksgiving Day is not the time to be muzzled. It’s the best opportune time for Heaven to record your spirit of gratitude.

Over the last two years it feels like sorrow and sadness have taken up permanent residence in the secret room of our homes. Our gratitude has been muzzled by Satan’s scary antics.

Thanksgiving Day allows us to take back ownership of our homes and what activities need to be discouraged.

Whatever country you reside in send out a notice that it’s Thanksgiving Day in your home. No frills required. Just find a place at your table to give God thanks for bringing you through the varied seasons of life.

We may have 99 reasons to be gloomy and disheartened today but there’s always one reason to give God thanks. Do not be muzzled.

Regardless of where you live, every home should have a day to officially pause and give God thanks. Thank God for the bread and cheese and the water. It’s a great teaching moment for the family.

It’s not about the spread on the table but the spread of a grateful heart. Then watch God double your blessings. Don’t be muzzled. Seasons come and goes but your loyalty to God never changes.

Prayer Time: Father, in everything we give you thanks. In the good or bad times we will do the same. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Untangle your thoughts and move into an atmosphere of thanksgiving. God loves a grateful family. Thanksgiving is NOT a country. It’s NOT the spread. It is GRATITUDE towards God.

Happy Thanksgiving Day 🙏🏾

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