Today’s Topic: Everything Has Value

As the pandemic continues it seems like everyone is under undue stress. Sometimes we find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place trying to be the strong one on the team.

Every day we take heart and lean heavily on the one person that appears to have all the answers.

Here’s a story about ‘The Lion
and The Mouse.’

A lion was sleeping in a forest. A mouse started playing on it. The lion was disturbed and arose from his sleep. It caught the mouse and angrily tried to crush it to death. Then the mouse prayed the lion would let him off and assured the lion that it would help him when needed. The lion laughed at it and let him off. One day the lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape but in vain. The mouse heard the lion’s roar. It started cutting the net with its teeth. The lion escaped and thanked the mouse.

Moral of the story is everything has its own value.

God isn’t pleased when we laugh and ignore Him. God speaks loudly in a pandemic, a crisis, or even death. When God lives and breathes in us He quietly unravels our fears. We get to know who He is and who we are.

If we go through the hard times with Him, then we are certainly going to go through the good times with Him.

Romans 8:26 “In certain ways we are weak, but the Spirit is here to help us.”

The Bible teaches us that when we don’t know what to pray for, the Spirit prays for us. God interprets our tears. He heals our broken hearts. All of our thoughts are known to God. He can understand what is in the mind.

The Bible has been a source of peace, strength and comfort to many in their darkest hours.

2020, and 2021were very challenging for most, if not all, of us. We are in a pandemic, and many people experienced job losses, sudden deaths, loneliness, sadness and anxiety.

When face with a difficult challenge in life and you are not sure how to handle it, open your Bible and read it. God’s Word gives hope and strengthens your heart. No one who spends time with God ever leaves the same way.

Life comes with many unanswered questions but all of life’s answers are found in the Bible.

Maybe this pandemic was to teach us to slow down and thank God for the many things we take for granted like the five senses of life…sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell.

Whatever we are facing whether it’s sickness, depression, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or fatigue… Jesus will carry us and move on our behalf.

The lion as strong as he was couldn’t set himself free from the net of the hunter. It was the mouse who heard his roars and started cutting the net.

Jesus whispers of peace cuts the net of fear that this pandemic has us trapped in.

The pandemic should make us appreciate the gift of life and how quickly life changes. Don’t finish your life without Jesus.

Prayer Time: Father, reduce our stress, fear, anxiety, and emotional instability. Fill our minds with your peace of knowing you as a true friend. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If we learn anything from this pandemic, I hope it will be that life is a gift and the Giver is more important than the gift. God loves you.

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