Today’s Topic: “Get Ready We are Moving”

We’ve got places to go and new conversations to have. We are not living with hate, jealousy, anger, resentment, or insecurity any longer. We are changing our address. We are creative human beings. While others sleep, you build.

The goal is to grow strong on the inside that nothing on the outside can disturb your peace. Pack your bags, you are not living the same way any longer. At some point in your life something just clicks and you become more aware of your surroundings. You are now under
new management.

Lot’s wife was told not to look back and she did. God’s wrath turned
her into a “pillar of salt”. Luke 17:32 Jesus warned “Remember Lot’s wife.”

The life in front of you is far better than the life you are leaving behind you. Our God is a God of new beginnings and likes doing new things. It is all about the people He created. He gives us new days, years, and seasons.

With Christ, we have new opportunities as well as new challenges. This year change your mindset. A new mindset changes your mood. A walk with God changes your lifestyle.

God’s presence is not a feeling you get inside. It’s a decision you make to trust Him even if you cannot see Him.

Miracles happen when you are in the right neighborhood with faith minded people. When faith lives next door to faith – exciting things happen. When someone asks you who are your neighbours…with pride you say, ‘Faith, Hope, and Love.’

What kind of conversations do you have? Mountains are still being moved. Strongholds are still being loosed. Giants are still being slain. Healing is coming.

Your influence is greater than you assumed because now everyone wants to move next to you. Pack your bags, we are moving to a better way of life.

The best feeling in the world is watching your life finally come together with unimaginable grace.

When your past tells you that you have changed, tell your past God is doing a new thing. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Prayer Time: Father, thank you that you are doing a new thing in our lives. We live in great expectations with our new mindset. In Jesus Name, Amen.

When God wants to do something new in your life, you will find that you begin to feel restless. It’s actually pretty amazing. It can be something you never wanted to do and all of sudden you want to.

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