February 9 – It’s the Right Time for a GROWNUP CONVERSATIONS

Today’s Topic: You are Not Overlooked or Forgotten

Feeling overlooked, rejected, or forgotten? That’s great news because God now has your undivided attention. Sometimes, God interrupts our plans just to get our attention. He doesn’t speak until He’s got you alone so you can hear Him. God is going to reintroduce you as you line up your spirit with His.

Don’t go tripping how unnoticed you are. It takes time to bloom after the seed is planted. I remember the days I was the village introvert. I enjoyed being in my own bubble and speaking on the phone was my biggest nightmare. I was just like another undisturbed seed buried in the ground. Little did anyone imagine that I was a collector of thoughts with big dreams that scared the daylight out of me.

It’s amazing how distinctly you hear God’s voice when you are alone. Then the sunlight hits your face, and you are wondering how and when did this growth happen. You no longer feel like a buried seed but a blooming plant. It takes time to discover what you were born to do, but when you do, you will no longer be a square seed in a round hole.

God says, “I see you. I hear you. I love you. I haven’t forsaken you. I still have a grand purpose for your life.”

God has a purpose for you as you admire the other blooming flowers wondering when you will bloom. You too will grow and be successful.

Psalms 139:13-18 “You made every part of me. You made me grow inside my mother before I was born. I thank you for the wonderful way that you have made me. Everything that you do is wonderful! I know it is true. While you caused me to grow in a secret place, none of my body was hidden from you. You made me deep in the earth. Your eyes watched me before I was born. Before I had seen the light of day, you decided how many days I would live! You wrote it down in your book. You have so many thoughts about me, God, that I cannot understand them all. They are too many for me to count, more than the sand on the shore of the sea. Even if I finished counting them, you would still be there!”

Prayer Time: Father, when we are hidden from the human eye, your season for our growth will come to pass. Thank you for nurturing us as we step into our blooming years. In Jesus Name, Amen.

In your alone time the seed in you is taking roots. If you can dream it, you will see it come to fruition.  

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