FEBRUARY 23 – It’s the Right Time for a GROWNUP CONVERSATION

‘Choose Time Wisely’

Once 60 seconds of your life is gone, it cannot be recovered. It remains as part of your life’s story. The amount of time we are allotted on earth is a mystery known only to God.

God has inscribed your name on the palm of His hand. Live with purpose. No one will be ashamed who allow God to order their steps. Your length of days are in God’s hand and no one can alter them.

Regardless of how we feel about our time spent on earth, nothing could be done to go back at change anything or stop the ageing process.

Perfect peace is a promise from God, but He never promised perfect circumstances. God is going to bless you based on your obedience to Him.

If you stay positive in a negative environment, you win.

There are times when you are strong enough to hold yourself together, and then there are days you feel like you are falling apart.

In times like these you need a safe haven to pursue your peace. God wouldn’t have made a promise He didn’t intend to keep.

He knows your trigger points and will stand by you. Peace seems so hard to hold on to when everything around is moving so fast.

But remember, we serve the Waymaker who makes a way where there seems to be no way out. You can choose to dwell on your difficulties or look up to the One who speaks peace in the midst of uncertainty.

Time is priceless and cannot be retrieved so find your quiet place alone with God. Stop crying about what went wrong because God will take the wrong and make it your crowning moment.

A woman who walks with God always fulfills her purpose. You don’t have to be afraid of the unknown. It is only unknown to you.

The eye of the Lord goes to and from all over the earth. He keeps you in all your ways.

Someone said, “David never really knew Goliath’s strength. He was too focused on God.” Good things happen when you focus on God.

Allow God to be your secret hiding place. Everyone is fighting their own battles and without God the casualty rate goes up. Hurting people hurt others. Healed people help others to find their healing place.

Always ask yourself if whatever is taking up your time every day is creating the life you want five years from today.

If it is, keep pushing hard. If it isn’t, it never too late to make a turn. Your life is your story. Write well and edit often. Be brave enough to work hard for what you want. No shame in the game.

Prayer Time: Father, there is a time and season for everything. Give us your wisdom to value our time and season. In Jesus Name, Amen.

God has perfect timing. He’s never early or late. It takes a whole lot of patience mixed with faith to trust His timing. But it will be worth it.

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