FEBRUARY 24 – It’s the Right Time for a GROWNUP CONVERSATION

Today’s Topic: ‘Follow Your Passion’

Together we are like one gigantic puzzle with trillions of pieces. Pieces of puzzles come together when you least expect it but you cannot force pieces that don’t fit.

The Bible is one Book with 66 chapters but they all fit together to make one story – His story.

You are an important piece in the framework of humanity because you were born for a purpose.There’s a perfect fit for you in the puzzle of life with your name on it.

The hidden heart must be happy just knowing the body is active because of him. The body is also performing at its best knowing that the heart is happy.

Our original purpose was stamped and approved by God, and forcing to fit in where you don’t belong will frustrate you.

Be realistic in your expectations. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see others fitting in while it appears you are just not fitting in.

No puzzle is complete without you. Just like pieces of puzzles come together when you least expect it… your piece will fit in perfectly together.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Maturity is living your best life until you find your place.

We don’t wait for our children to grow up before we start loving them. We love them when they fall apart and when they have it all together. In the same way, you need to learn to love yourself during the process.

God doesn’t want us all to be alike. If He wanted that, He would have created us all the same.

Prayer Time: Father, help us to see ourselves through your eyes. We are going to trust you and expect great things from you as we step into our God-ordained purpose. In Jesus Name, Amen.

God chose to give people different personalities and equip each person with different gifts. Follow your passion and you will find your place in the puzzle of life.

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