Today’s Topic: Why Worry When You Can Pray?

If someone is always unhappy, they will be grumpy, bitter, judgemental, and an angry person to live with. Unhappy people live in their own world, and they are only happy by themselves. All that they do, they do only for themselves. They are self- centered and highly critical of anyone who shows up on their radar.

Sonya Parker says, “Happy people find a way to live with their problems, and miserable people let their problems stop them from living.”

As Christians, we maybe facing the same difficulties as unhappy people. Struggling like a swimmer with a broken leg. Hard pressed to keep the deadlines in a competitive world. Hated by many that may make us feel weepy at times, but you will never find a child of God who wouldn’t get back up time after time.

Christians find a way to live with their problems by praying through them. We maybe worried, but not hopeless. We maybe mistreated, but we don’t stop. The best way to describe it God makes a way when faith collides with fear.

The song “It Is Well with My Soul” was written by a successful Christian lawyer who lost his son at age 4 years old in 1871. The next year fire destroyed everything he had invested in. The insurance company refused to pay him.

They said, “It’s an Act of God”. He had no money to pay for his house and no work, he also lost his house. In 1873 he sent his wife and four daughters over to Europe on a summer trip and the ship sank and he lost his four daughters with the wife being the only survivor.

He sat down and thought about all that was happening to him, and he wrote a song – “Whatever, my Lord, You have taught me to say – It is well, it is well with my soul”.

My dear friends, maintaining a good attitude towards God when we can’t figure out what’s happening to us will determine our next level of victory. When faith collides with fear let faith win.

Crawling is still progress. There are many times in our lives as Christians when our faith becomes tested. Many things crush our spirits hoping to disarm our faith in God and what the Word of God says.

When these things happen, we need to hold on to what God said in the Word so that we can weather whatever we are going through. Sometimes we just have to bow our head and say a prayer and weather the storms.

Prayer Time: Father, faith doesn’t prevent us from problems but we know you will not allow anything to come our way without a divine purpose. We will find peace in every circumstance. In Jesus Name, Amen.

May all who put their hope in God take pleasure in saying … “Whatever, my Lord, You have taught me to say – It is well, it is well with my soul”.


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