Today’s Topic: “Purpose in Your Heart”

A life without purpose is a meaningless life. Everyday we hear people say, ‘Thank God I open my two eyes this morning.’ Why? What are the plans? What are we pursuing?

Life is very fragile and must be handled with care ask anyone who’s in ICU. Most people go through life in two stages – work life, where we’re very productive. And then one day, boom, we are retired.

So, we retire from work, what’s next? We find out very soon after retirement that life is more than food, and clothing, and the houses we own. We know something is missing, but it’s not found in the things we have accumulated during our adulthood.

I met a friend yesterday and he was relating to me his near death experiences (2 to be exact). He bragged about how God spared his life on both occasions. So I asked him why he thought God spared his life? He just smiled and was totally clueless.

It’s so easy to become nonchalant about life where we no longer care about anything even to the point of trying to find purpose in life.

My loved ones, let’s purpose in our heart that we will deliberately make time to learn more about God. We are given the breath we need every day to have an exclusive relationship with God. What a privilege.

When we make God our focus, we find the happiness and the true meaning of living a fulfilled life. Life never gets boring. God daily adds joy and peace and keeps our insecurities in check.

True purpose to opening our eyes every morning is to give us opportunities to know Jesus better with each passing day.

To KNOW Jesus … and to know ABOUT Him … are two different things.

We can know about a restaurant, know the menu, know the location … but if we have never been there it’s only head knowledge.

Most people know ABOUT Jesus based on what they have heard in church, but never KNOW HIM as a personal friend.

Knowing ABOUT Jesus is amazing. But having a deep relationship with Him takes it to ANOTHER LEVEL. Those heart to heart conversations are real as real as can be.

Life is more than work and retirement. We must purpose in our heart to love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind. Just a closer walk with Jesus makes everything alright.

Prayer Time: Father, thank you for loving us in our mess. You looked beyond our faults and loved us. May every day our relationship with you become more important than anything else. In Jesus Name, Amen

Let’s stop living without a purpose when deep down inside we know there’s more to life.


  1. “Happiness is to know the Saviour, Living a life within HIS favour Having a change in my behaviour, Happiness is the LORD!”

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