Today’s Topic: “Woman of Destiny “

A woman who understands her purpose in life makes big changes that will significantly improve her life without looking for validation. Age brings reason. Whatever decision we make, there will always be someone to tell you that you are wrong.

There’s merit to listening to people’s input, but be wise enough to trust your gut feeling. Looking for everyone to agree with you will prevent you from being yourself.

Destiny doesn’t happen by seeking votes or by chance. God had a sovereign purpose (destiny) for everyone of us. It was not based on how well we perform or how many people will vote for us.

Perfection is God’s job, we are human. So relax and take heart in knowing that God takes delight in you with all your flaws. We are adopted into God’s family.
Looking for validation will prevent you from walking into your God-ordained destiny.

Let’s hear what God’s Word has to say to us.

Proverbs 22:1 “If you have to choose between having a good name or lots of money, choose a good name. That is better than silver or gold.”
Proverbs 22:3 “A wise person sees the danger and hides themselves. But a person who does not think will walk immediately into danger and punishment.”
Proverbs 22:4 “Respect and serve the Lord! Your reward will be wealth, a long life, and honor.”
If you are tempted to look around for approval to fulfill your destiny – STOP! Open your Bible. Make confessions that line up with the Godly advice given.

You having a good name, seeing danger and avoiding it, and respecting the Lord and serving Him makes you an overachiever. You have scored high with God.

Don’t allow the naysayers or circumstances to dictate your destiny or crush your spirit. Even if things gets a little tough … God only has one predetermined plan for your life, and it’s still working in your favor.

God has not forgotten you. Resist the thoughts of fear and insecurity that makes you want to be validated by other imperfect human beings.

Prayer Time: Father, give us grace to trust you to hold our hands when darkness seems to hide the way. Reveal your predetermined plan to our children and their children. Let there be no victim among us. In Jesus Name, Amen

I am sure of this – Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life.


    1. AMEN and AMEN! We are no longer slaves to fear and intimidation. We are adopted into the family of God. Have a wonderful day my friend ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    1. I’m always grateful to you for your continued encouragement and support. We continue to pray for ourselves and the generations after us. Together we stand on the promises of God that cannot fail 🙏🏾


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